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How do i bypass my school's filter system, web washer?
I sure as hell would take it back. I test my smoke detectors once a month.
When constructing the mirrored surfaces for telescopes, I've read of the painstaking efforts involved in producing the glass to exacting dimensions/surface roughness, and then depositing the reflective coating on the surface. Manufacturer's are at/near the limits on the size of glass that can be produced, resulting in some other approaches used to work around the limitationssuch at the telescope that uses multiple hexagonal mirrors (name?) instead of a single large mirror.My question is (and it's probably obvious, but I'm not seeing it), why must glass be used as the substrate? Could not many other materials be used (which don't have the manufacturing limitions that glass possesses), and then the surface mirrored? I would think telescopes of huge appatures could be produced, without the tremendous time and expense of working with glass. Again, I'm sure I'm missing the obvious reason(s) that's not done! I appreciate your time for reading/responding!
You can buy mylar plastic tht has a reflective coating. It is bendable and would never shatter like glass.
i'm being a superhero for halloween; Stranger Danger Lady (i made it up, if you couldn't tell)so i have this 'danger tape' from the dollar store that i bought a while ago for no apparent reason. it's like the caution tape, except it says 'danger' and 'peligro' all over it.i need to put it on my cotton tshirtbut i don't know how to get it to stick? helppp?muchas gracias ((:
Maybe try feeding2-3 X's per Day and nothing after 5 pm.Don't leave food down all the time .It's okay to leave water down all the time but sometimes pups will eat continuously and poop all night.Maybe give him a chew and something to play with to keep him mind off eating and pooping.Or maybe even try crate training,get you a book at Pets Mart or Pet Co on crate training.It is not that bad for the night once they get used to it and they learn not to go in their own environment.Good Luck!!!
I have removed the icons from the desktop so people can't access them from the desktop, but my nephew is 9 and knows his way around a computer pretty well and he knows to go to start to look for the program.What I want is to know how to hide this so others cant access this. If it is through parental controls or others ways that require a password to access the program. The easy thing to do is just change the password to prevent them from accessing the desktop all together, BUT I allow others on my computer when they ask, but I just need a way to block a few things from everyone else who uses it.Computer wizzes, dont be shy!
Enjoy and tell all your friends so that they can enjoy them too!
Is it legal to drive a gator on the road? It has no signals, no studded tires but does have light on the hood front and back.
I thought the sought after temp was 6500K. A lot of that color temp is going to come from your projector and can normally be adjusted. The screen can change it, but again you can compensate from within the projector. By low gain do you mean 1 or less than 1 (non reflective). Something like Stuart Filmscreens SnoMatte 100 would be suitable. Drapers M1300 or Matt White screens are good also. Da-Lite's Matte White or Da-Mat would be OK too. Other materials you might want to consider would be Wilson Art designer White laminate or paint.
I am running into trouble running a program on all my computers on my network. I am using a book inventory software called Booktrakker. The program uses an Access database file system and theoretically runs perfect on networks.My database has now almost 32'000 records and runs on a Vista Computer (replacing an XP-operated predecessor). All other satellite computers should optimally connect to this main PC but I noticed that only computers that have Vista on them have difficulty running Booktrakker. For some reason, not all Vista computers can connect simultaneously, and sometimes I do have to shut down Booktrakker on the main PC to have a satellite computer even start Booktrakker.I played around with permissions on the main computer to basically give permission to &everyone& to access, read and modify the working Booktrakker folder without having any success.Did I miss something in the networking/Vista? or it is just the program? Or it is just me?Thanks
Depending on the provider, you may be able to call and let them know that you are getting such poor range from your router, and the may be able to send you signal booster. This all depends on the provider and the individual case.
Baik bagi jwp yg betul2x tau! Kalau poyo aku sepak kang.!
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cannot drag my mouse across and up/down a document. should I replace the rubber ball?
The right side of a vehicle is always the passenger side if the vehicle has left hand steering as most cars in the USA are. Studded tires are illegal in most if not every State in the USA.