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Can someone please show me how to do this problem? Sorry so longOne ten minute shower using a restricted-flow shower head (2.5 gal/min) requires 25 gal of water, and it has been estimated that each person uses about 60 gal a day. Calculate the volume of cation-exchange resin (in L) that would be required to remove all the water hardness in the water used by one person in 30 days at 60 gal/day. Assume that the exchange capacity of the resin is 1.7 meq/mL of resin and that the water hardness is equivalent to 200 mg CaCO3/L
The pressure in the tyre is directly proportional to the temperature of the air. Put simply, if the temperature increases (which will happen during an hours drive) then the pressure will also increase. Note that to calculate values the temperature must be in kelvin (0 kelvin 273 degrees celsius). You would then use P1/T1 P2/T2.
Fire extinguishers are great at putting out fires.But would it be possible to actually MAKE a fire using an extinguisher. I suspect that there might actually be a few different ways of doing it. If you have any ideas (based on sound scientific principles) please let me know so that I can perfrom an experiment and see if it works.
No answer. All I can say is it s junk! Mine kept going off until my nerves were shot and no way to shut it off. We ve had it for only 6 months. The 10 years life span is a joke.
Under what circumstances will the reflector be light?
A safety suit made of material, whether the wearer is in the distance or in the presence of light or scattered light interference,Can be easily found by night drivers. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the "night" driving problem of "seeing" and "being seen".
What would be 3 things you would bring with you and if you could take one person with you who would it be and why?
I like running in the cold as it's much easier to dress for than extreme heat. Wear layers: 1. Base: CoolMax or similar 2. Outer: Nylon or something to cut the wind chill 3. Extremities: Try an under amour hat or similar, gloves and mask. The link below has some other tips and product links. Avoid cottonit'll keep moisture against your skin and give you the chills. Good luck! - Mike
my chichuchua, who is neutered, has recently not been able to retract his penis. He was a stud in a puppy mill years ago, and the vet said he may be remembering? Am concerned that there is a bigger issue. Anyone have been down this road before
there is an electric powered solenoidinterior the door. it incredibly is seizing up inflicting your subject. it incredibly is replaced or perhaps repaired for a extremely cheap. those solenoids are companies to failure on Ford products
From the Original, I would have to say Spock would be my favorite. My least favorite would be Mr.Chevov. He's so arragant and what's up the the stupid accent?!From the Next Generation, Geordi La Forge is probably one of the best pilots the U.S.S Enterprise has ever seen, so that makes him my favorite. However Dr. Crusher just gets on my nerves while she orders Picard around.
WOW!!! I could never come up with such a story! Thank you for making me smile!
Science question! a thermostat can be used to control temperature in electrical appliances.names some examples of electrical appliances that uses thermostats pls help
in space they use thin lear of gold
Why does system delete several paragraphs when I'm typing? Also have no access to spell check. Many problems sending emails. System just locks up and doesn't always save message to drafts folder. Very frustrating!
Yes run up to it and slap it hard, say you are it. Read your training manual. Dont ask fire science questions in a place where you proberly will not see the correct answer. Fire science is not a joke. STUDY