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what does a #12 copper wire look like and waht does a #14 wire look like if you got pictures post a link thanks
actually a few years ago they color coded the casings of the wiring so that the 12 gauge is yellow and the 14 gauge is white. The difference is the size of the wire. Bigger the number the smaller the wire and the less of a load in should carry
Coming from my ceiling I have a black, a grey, 2 white, 2 bare and a red wire. Coming from my ceiling fan/light fixture is a green, black, black with a white stripe and a white wire. How exactly would I go about wiring this? It is a two switch setup without a remote.Thank you in advance.
You have too many wires coming from the ceiling, as it could have done (for separate fan and light control) with a black, red, white, and ground (like 14/3 w/ground romex). Someone apparently added a second run of wire up there. Up at the fan, determine which wire on the fan runs the motor, likely a black fan wire, and which powers the lights (likely a blue fan wire). Connect each to its own switch, preferably using the black you have for the fan, and say the red for the lights, tie the whites together, and the bare together. And the grey just gets ignored. This is gonna be good...
I no longer have enough 0 gauge wire would it be bad to use 0 gauge power wire to the amp and 4 gauge wire to ground the amp?
Umm well it really depends on how much power you are running through it. If your amp is only about 200-400 watt rms, then you should be fine with a 4awg ground. However, if your rms is higher than 400 you seriously need to consider getting some bigger gauge wire.
I just installed a backup camera however I am having trouble wiring it. I've read that I need to tap into the reverse wire, however I went through many wires and couldn't figure out which one is it. My cameras wire is designed to be wired in the trunk, so the wire under the hood or dash is not a possibility. 2003 G35 Sedan
You can remove your tail light and tap into the reverse wire there. It is easy to find just look at your reverse light bulb and use a multimeter to test for positive and negative (that would be the right way to do it at least). If your wanting to have the camera able to be on all the time and viewed from the headunit then you would need to wire the camera to switched accessory so it has power when the car is on and hook up your head units wiring (which you will need to do anyway to make the h/u switch to b/u cam when you go into reverse) to the reverse wire.
True or False?Branch wiring from a 200A - 3 phase 4 wire panelboard.WIRE #PHASES 1 --- PHASE A 2 --- PHASE B 3 --- PHASE C 4 --- NEUTRAL - WHITE WIRE 5 --- PHASE A 6 --- PHASE B 7 --- PHASE C 8 --- NEUTRAL 9 --- GROUNDTOTAL OF 9 WIRES GOING TO SIX (6) 20A 120V CIRCUITS
False! If you had 6 120v circuits each circuit has 1 phase, 1 neutral conductor and 1 ground conductor for a total of 3 wires per circuit. 6 circuits times 3 conductors equals 18 wires. You don't use the same neutral conductor for different phases but you can if they are the same phase provided you don't go over the maximum allowed current rating for that wire and insulation.
When you buy new earbuds/headphones there are usually two wires connected by a thin piece of rubber.Is it ok to split the two wires that are joined together when you buy them? Im wondering because i need the extra length.
In almost every case, you just grab the 2 wires close to where they're joined and pull apart gently and it will come apart with no problem at all, and will leave the insulation intact on each wire, as long as you can see the 2 separate wires this should be no problem at all (in fact a lot of earbuds and headphones come with a little rubber piece on the wire that goes up to the split to keep the wires from separating too much, that's how easy they pull apart)
The new light has 1 live, 1 neutral 1 earth wire, do i remove the earth connect the reds if so what about the 2 blacks?
No! Wire the new light exactly like the light that you removed. If you don't remember what wire went where on the old light then you made a mistake by removing the old one without marking the wires or at least taking a cell phone picture or something. It sounds like there is probably more than one light fixture being controlled by that switch. It's hard to tell by your description. Electrons don't flow by wire color. There is no way to really tell what is going on by naming colors. Come back on here when you have a better description of what is going on. How many lights come on when you flip that switch? Is there more than one switch that controls that fixture? Which wires were hooked to the old light? Are any of the wires still wire nutted together? Don't be experimenting by hooking that earth ground wire to any other wire. Leave it hooked to the ground lug on the box. It has nothing to do with the light operating. It's for safety.
I have two kicker cvr 12s looking to wire them to an acoustic 601se amp can someone please tell me how to wire them like by matching the dots up and stuff.
Do not know the specs for your current amp, but the spec for the soundstream allows stability at 1 ohm with 1600 rms, hope this helps. Good Luck!