*PPR Flttlng Hydraulic Solenoid Valve High Class Quality

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Certificate: ISO9001-2008 CE Shape: Regular Round

Product Description:

Description of Products:

PP-R (polypropylene random) tube called type three polypropylene pipe and is also called the PP-R pipe or PPR pipe, with energy saving, environmental protection, high strength, corrosion resistance, with smooth inner wall has the advantages of scale, construction and easy maintenance, long service life, widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban drainage city gas and power cable sheath, and industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields. The PP-R pipe is made of random copolymerized polypropylene and is extruded into tubes to be molded into tubes.


*PPR Flttlng Hydraulic Solenoid Valve  High Class Quality

*PPR Flttlng Hydraulic Solenoid Valve  High Class Quality

PPR Pipe Size:


























Products name

Tee with Tap Connector Male



Field of Application 


Work temperature



standard export package or   customized 


Kitchen, home, commercial, garden and   general 

Place of origin 

Hebei China(mainland)



1) Cold and hot water systems of residence and commercial buildings

2) Transportation of industrial water supply and chemical materials

3) Pure water pipe system

4) Piping networks for rainwater utilization systems

5) Irrigation agriculture and horticulture systems

6) Transportation system of drinking water production

Product Feature:

1. High Temperature Resistance: the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70°C , the maximum transient temperature is up to 95°C

2. Heat Preservation: low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe, and 1/250 of steel pipe 

3.High Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls and low friction result in low flow resistance and high volume

4. Excellent Flexibility: can be supplied in coil

5 Low Installation Costs: light weight and ease of installation can reduce installation costs

6. Longevity: more than 50 years under proper use

Product Advantages:

1) Healthy, bacteriological neutral, conforming to drinking water standards

2) Resistant to high temperatures, good impact strength

3) Convenient and reliable installation, low construction expenses

4) Excellent heat-insulation property from minimum thermal conductivity

Company Profile:

CNBM International Corporation (CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

CNBM International is highly recognized by its business partners and clients all over the world and has obtained rapid development under the spirit of win-win. We will carry on the mutual beneficial, innovative and revolutionary trading structure as we did before, create value for our employees, share holders and clients and benefit the whole society in our future development.


Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your product?

A: Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insures every product's quality.

Q: How much is your delivery time?

A: Normally within 30 days of receipt of LC original or prepayment, but mostly according to the specific requirements or the quantity

Q: I need sample, could you support?

A: We can supply you with the sample for free, but the delivery charges will be covered by our customers. For avoiding the misunderstanding, it is appreciated if you can provide the International Express Account for Freight Collect. Also you can have a visit to us, welcome to CNBM!

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