Stainless Steel Plate Self-Lubricating Bearing HPB-102/HPB-102W

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The product is based on stainless steel plate with sintering porous bronze layer and rolled PTFE compound on the surface.

The product is based on stainless steel plate with sintering porous bronze layer and rolled PTFE compound on the surface. It can be used in strong acid and alkaline. Its applied to the corrosion resistant part in dyeing machinery and ocean industry, etc. HPB102W is without lead, the bearing has clean lubricating condition and accord with environmental requirement. 


Max load capacity P(Dynamic)






Maximum PV value (Dry)


3.6 N/mm2 .m/s


Max load capacity P(Static)






Maximum PV value (Oil)


50 N/mm2 .m/s




Max line speed V(Dry)


2.5 m/s


Working temperature






Max line speed V(Oil)


5 m/s


Thermal conductivity




μ Friction coef  μ




Coefficient of linear expansion



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Our main products ranges from 50 series solid lubricating bearings, 10 series self lubricating bearings, 20 series boundary lubricating bearings, 30 series bimetal bushings, 90 series wrapped bronze bushings, 70 series decentralized solid lubricating bearings and FD filled PTFE bushings. The raw materials include high-load brass, tin bronze and aluminum bronze.

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