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i have a 50 inch projection tv how much copper is in it
Yes there is copper in projection tv's. In fact there is copper in all tv's. Copper can be found in wiring as well as the printed circuit boards. As for how much copper is in a 50 inch projection tv - not enough to make you any appreciable money (my quick guesstimate would be a couple of pounds of copper at most).
ok so i am doing a report on copper and i need some questions that i can talk about and anwser....already i have where it is mostly from, things that are made from it and its history...what else should i talk about??????....i need help!
think of back. decide for underfloor heating. No radiators everywhere and shop area. the homestead will sense warmer because of the fact the warmth comes from the floor upwards incredibly than radiators. Underfloor piping is a mixture of plastic and aluminium. I set up piping and generally use a mixture of the two. Plastic to get underfloor without elevating floor boards everywhere. Copper the place i'm able to get the piping down and the connections are plenty extra cost-effective to do. certainly i choose copper pipes to all radiators plastic seems grotesque. Regardless in case you have sturdy flooring be particular that the pipe is wisely put in in conduit and you will replace the piping sooner or later. notice copper dealing with partitions/concrete the motar eats into uncovered copper over the years and motives leaks and any plumber who says he has secure the pipe with slightly bit duct tape is a liar. my own own determination in my own house is i would not set up timber or tile flooring in any room because of the fact which you will continuously could pass below floor if not for piping then electrics or another reason so i would not entertain it.
Does anyone have a recomendation to which is better? When I priced the 2 it seemed like copper was 3 times more the price. I need to repipe the crawl space. The house is not for than 30 feet long and wide. Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks
the best would be to use copper but i would use PEX over cpvc anyday and use only pvc for the drains
What would be a good science experiment (cant use any expensive equipment) on copper sulfate and how would i test it? can make a copper sulfate crystal garden as a visual demonstration of osmosis. Make a solution ( ~ 15 % vol/vol ) sodium silicate in water ( sodium silicate is sold in drug stores as liquid glass and is a non-organic glue ). Place the solution is a small bowl , then add a crystal of copper sulfate ( the crystal should be about 1-2 mm in diameter.. the size of a large pinhead). After about 10 minutes the crystal will begin to grow into a spar -shaped blue crystal..much, much larger than the tiny crystal of copper sulfate . This is because the small crystal of soluble copper sulfate becomes coated with the insoluble copper silicate that forms a semipermeable membrane .At that interface as water moves in to dissolve the copper sulfate the rapidly forming copper silkicate seals the surface and the crystal burgeons with the water. Placing many of the copper sulfate cyrstals in the bowl will produce a forest of bluish spars . Using other salts like cobalt chloride ( dark blue spars ) or ferric chloride ( yellow spars ) or nickel chloride ( green spars ) will produce a very colorful garden of colors . As long as the metal chosen forms an insoluble silicate it will work
i have a project to do and i need a quote, saying or joke about copper. thanks in advance!
Copper Sayings
Plumber says fixing leak in copper pipe in basement can trigger other leaks in basement. What is solution?
I'd go with the intake first also. I like kn more than injen, but both are good brands.
Remodeling a house and found a copper supply line contacting a steel drain pipe in the wall. Copper which contacts steel will corrode. What can I insert between the two pipes? Electrical tape? Small piece of rubber? Foam pipe insulation sleeve?
In new construction, thin sleeves of polyethylene (like trash bags are made of) often are used to prevent 2 pipes from touching. It doesn't take much, you just need to prevent electrons from one pipe from going to the other (as water flows through, it creates tiny electrical currents which will try to electroplate one pipe with metal from the other), and it must stay in place. I'd say wedge a slab of thin foam rubber between the two and duct tape it to hold it in place.
I can‘t sleep, I nearly fall asleep but then suddenly wakes up again and doesn‘t feel like sleeping. When I do fall asleep late at night/early in the morning I dream very intense and has weird nightmare sort of dreams. Can this be related to copper pipes in the wall right next to my bed? My bed is really close to the wall. Sometimes I think there is someone in the dream, and I wake up looking around. I‘m usually sweating and can‘t fall asleep. It sucks! Can somebody help me with this? I want to get a nice rhythm in where I fall asleep right away!(When I tried to breath at a minimum,letting very little oxygen in my lungs, I get really tired, but its scary, so I want do it lol)
To help yourself relax, inhale slowly for eight seconds. Exhale slowly for eight seconds. Make sure you let out enough air. If you are having a hard time sleeping because of your bed being near that wall, move your bed to another part of the room where you would feel more relaxed. I hope you will be able to have more restful sleep. Good Luck.