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1, JGJ162-2008 construction formwork safety technical specification;2, JGJ130-2011 construction fastener type steel pipe scaffolding safety technical specifications; the friend has. Send me thanks
General principles for the implementation of 1.0.1 in the construction of formwork engineering in China to implement the principles and policies of safe production, to achieve advanced technology, economic and reasonable, easy to apply and to ensure safety in production, the development of this specification. 1.0.2 This specification is applicable to the design, manufacture, installation and dismantling of the cast-in-place concrete engineering formwork system in construction. 1.0.3 template design and construction, from the actual situation of engineering, reasonable selection of materials, scheme and construction measures; should satisfy the template in the transport, installation and use of the strength, stability and stiffness requirements, and should give priority to the finalization, standardization and template template support components, reduce production and installation work to improve the reuse rate. The design, manufacture, installation and removal of the 1.0.4 construction formwork shall be in conformity with the requirements of this code, and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the state.
What is the building template support
In the construction for concrete cast-in-place construction formwork supporting structure, widely used in steel or timber beams assembled into the template bracket, built into the scaffold to form a bracket supported by steel or wood, and with steel formwork concrete construction.
What is the use of building wall formwork support? Thank you
Multicard support beams with multi support beams in visa, visa in early removing system to save 32% than ordinary plywood sold cuplok supporting system construction.
86335 template support, what is the concept of those advantages
In the case of the construction industry, after 20 years of this industry, dedicated to technical analysis and improvement. After painstaking research, invited the domestic industry elite Magi to discuss, repeated demonstration, combined with the actual measurement through the practice of technical staff, spend long time hard work. Finally invented this new type of digital steel template support combination structure, so far spent ten years of painstaking research on the huge sums of money technology finally succeeded. To fill the gaps at home and abroad (with our understanding of the current international and domestic architectural template combination structure has not been any new structure), and won the national invention patent.
Since the building, and I would like to ask some of the basic knowledge to the construction of a unified drawing, plus or minus 0 and the height of the drawings, the roof slope requirements. Now the blue steel reinforced concrete inclined roof beams or do. Here we use multiple beams, and the waterproof, thermal insulation, in tile. Anyway, many shortcomings is wood, attic space basically scrapped, there is a fire started...I would also like to use concrete flat top, that is, do not let, more depressed.If I can use wooden beams, waterproof SBS, hanging plastic extruded board?The construction of plastic extruded board in inclined roof beams hung strong? Construction is not difficult?As well as the 8X11 meters of the roof, 30 degrees slope, sloping roof concrete cost about? I feel modeling and cloth reinforcement are very troublesome, expensive cost estimation
You can put the beam properly after the play flowers on top, which is the slope of the wall, so that you can
Technical specification for construction formwork safety JGJ162-2008 who has made me please
Safety code for construction formwork JGJ 162-20081 General Provisions1.0.1 for the implementation of the construction project template construction of China's safety production principles and policies to achieve advanced technology, economic and reasonable, easy to apply and to ensure safety in production, the development of this specification.