*2018 PPR Pipe Ftting For Hot Or Cold Water Foot Brake Valve High Class Quality Standard From China

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China main port
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100000 pc/month
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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Product Description:

Product Overview

1) Cold / hot water supply facilities for public buildings 
2) Food, chemical, electronic industry pipeline networks; Such as Pipeline networks for transporting all kinds of    corrosive liquids 
3) Drinking water production system pipeline networks; Such as Pure water and mineral water 
4) Air conditioning facility pipelines 
5) Compressed gas pipeline networks for industry 
6) Pipeline networks for swimming pools 
7) Pipeline networks for solar energy facilities 
8) Agriculture and garden production transporting systems


1. Light weight, easy and quick assembly

2. Most suitable for carrying drinking water

3. Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance

4. Bacteriologically neutral

5. Low thermal conductivity

6. Safe and watertight joints

7. Reduce heat loss

8. Resistance to scaling

9. Resistance to frost

10. Usable in seismic areas

11. Resistance to abrasion

12. Resistance to stray current

13. Eco-friendly

14. Long operational durability

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*2018 PPR Pipe Ftting For Hot Or Cold Water Foot Brake Valve High Class Quality Standard From China

*2018 PPR Pipe Ftting For Hot Or Cold Water Foot Brake Valve High Class Quality Standard From China


Q1: How Can I Get A Sample?

A1: You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

Q2: How Long Is Delivery?

A2: Delivery time will be30-45days according to order quantity.

Q3: What Is The MOQ?

A3: MOQ depends on different items.

Q4: What Is Our Normal Payments Terms?

A4: Our normal payment terms now is: T/T, L/C or western union, pay

B4 Type PPR Ball Valve with Brass Ball with Brass Ball

B4 Type PPR Ball Valve with Brass Ball with Brass Ball

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ive seen some really sharp pipes made from the many different sizes and shapes of threaded plumbing fittings. you can start with a bell reducer for the bowl and then just go nuts. there are fittings to change different sizes, threads, angles, anything you want to do with it. scuba masks with tubing, deer antlers, man smoke a bowl and let your mind take the wheel.
There could be a number of things wrong here.The Valve it self could be leaking.One of the PVC pipe fittings could be leaking.Or there is a broken pipe. To shut the water off at the Valve.This can only be done if the Valve has a flow control.If it has a flow control handle,you will see a handle on the top of the Valve. Or you could just turn the water off to the entire Irrigation System.If you are on city water there is what is called a Back Flow Preventer.This is code in most all city water systems.They generally are about 12 inches above the ground,and have one to two Gate or Ball Valves on them.
Q:Apart from the air-conditioning, the high-pressure pipe is not tight enough. What shall I do?
Will affect the cooling effect, it is recommended to cut off the connector, and then use reaming device to expand after re installation. Charges will not be too high, dozens of blocks enough to be careful to be pit.
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Get a shark bite cap or shut of valve from a hardware store. They are a a new type of plumbing fitting that cost a few dolars each but require zero knowledge or experience to install. just get a cheap pipe cutter to make a smooth edge on the pipe and push the cap/connector/shutoff valve on. try bringing a piece of it with you to the store, for sizing. Compression fittings are also available that are simpler than learning to solder. these just require some wrenches and a nice clean cut pipe edge.
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The proper fittings to use on underground copper water lines are called flaired fittings. The underground 3/4 pipe is Type K or L soft copper. Flaired fittings are heavy duty brass mechanical fittings and are used on tight offsets like yours. This take skills and tools you might not possess. Break up the concrete, expose pipe, and dig out dirt to new location. Remove dirt so plumber can cut pipe and use wrenches on new fittings. The main water supply will have to be shut- off at the street and it would be wise to install a new main shut off valve also. Tell the plumber to put armaflex pipe insulation around pipe at concrete floor level for protection. Ohio code doesnt allow soft solder on underground fittings.
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