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Decoration of the bathroom rack (to punch) generally find who installed? Can not be posted on the brick to take advantage of the workers still installed?
This is a professional installation of sanitary ware, hardware, switch workers, professional to do this, you can find: area + professional equipment similar to this kind of workers can give you equipment
Tianjin where to sell sucker towel rack bathroom frame? Big alley I did not see ah? What about the supermarket?
Pearl River Decoration City
Live tonight live in Jinjiang, the bathroom card shower nozzle that small shelves, broken, and now urgent big god, do not know how much the price of this small shelf? Afraid of early check out will be blackmail.
Supermarkets to buy a piece of rubber mud (or can temporarily stick to all the cheap stuff), check out 5 minutes before sticking on the line. Remember that the nozzle is best placed on top.
My bathroom rack itself installed towel rack, towel rack and so on. Now the house is newly renovated, ready to change the new rack. The But now the size of the finished product is not appropriate. The The Ask the experts.
Master needs size
Is the towel rack in the bathroom good for stainless steel or good for aluminum?
As usual, you still use stainless steel better .. what space aluminum, lie, there are a few really give you the material to make missiles, and, really give you the material to make missiles. It is necessary to pay attention to not buy fake stainless steel.
What are the bathroom creative gadgets?
The toilet paper that glows in the darkness
Bathroom nozzle and faucet how to pick up
When you buy the nozzle to see you have installed two water pipes or a single pipe, tell the water pipe staff, she will give you with a good, go back to their installation can be. Sina decoration grab the foreman of the master will also be the leading fixed frame need to play two six mm hole, the following tightening the water pipe on the line, the water pipe off, install the tightening before the tape can be tightened with raw tape.
Now the house just finished renovation, is preparing to buy something like a bathroom rack, but do not know what material is good, help you recommend, recommend, thank you!
Recommend the use of Kun Hao KOHO bathroom pendant is really pure copper with a very good people feel good quality