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What quality of the bathroom rack is not rusty
Stainless steel, aluminum alloy.
The tenant had installed the pylon in the bathroom, took the time to take away, leaving 4 holes is very ugly, and now I intend to buy a bathroom rack to reload, with the skin to measure the next hit his hole, long distance Is 485mm, width is 229mm, ask the bathroom rack is a standard? I intend to buy online, so I would like to know how to choose the appropriate installation of the hole from the rack, for the experience of the decoration personnel to inform ~ extremely grateful
Go to the plumbing store holding you a good size corresponding to the need to buy or re-punch the installation is mainly like what kind of rack
Which brand of towel rack and bathroom tripod cost-effective
Towel rack is composed of two bearings supporting one or more rails and composed, some can be folded, generally installed in the bathroom wall, for placing clothes, hanging towel towels. From the material on the division, generally divided into: copper towel rack, stainless steel towel rack, aluminum towel rack. According to the structure can be divided into: single and double. According to the shape can be divided into: towel rack, towel bar, towel ring and so on. Which to the number of aluminum towel rack the most cost-effective, and its surface can be made a 'variety of effects, full' foot modern home improvement of the individual needs, so in recent years began to dominate the market.
A thing attached to the bathroom wall, used to put soap and shampoo and the like
You say is the wall-type type of the box, soap plate
Which position is good in the bathroom hangers
You are talking about the towel rack (can put the clothes) it Should be in the shower next to the water below the position of about 1,8m.
I was in the school bathroom bath fainted several times, usually breathing difficulties, dizziness, tinnitus, and also want to vomit the feeling of diarrhea, and sometimes really spit it out, there is a temporary loss of perception of the situation, my classmate said my face pale , Lips are white, why is this? How to prevent it? (I can not go to the school bath bath ah, but afraid of halo)
Once found someone fainted in the bathroom, should be lifted off the bathroom immediately to leave the hypoxic environment, but not leaning on the move to move to avoid further increased brain ischemia. After leaving the bathroom should pay attention to keep warm, let him lie down or head slightly raised 150-200, fed with a little hot tea or hot sugar, rest for a while, the general can slowly improve. For the elderly and infirm, should pay attention to prevent other diseases caused by the body.
Online kitchen / bathroom rack where to sell
This site is good, you can go and see, hope to give a satisfactory.
How to install the bathroom bracket
Different mounting methods are different. The general practice is to punch with expansion bolts. Adhesive also has, with the sucker also, but are not reliable.