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Bathroom towel rack rust how to do?
Do not often wipe, over time, some of the water in the surface of the formation of dirt, and finally showing spots like black spots.
Can you make a towel rack on the tempered glass of the shower room?
Yes, as long as you do not have openings in advance can, of course, the size of the hole according to your purchase of the towel rack if the steel can not be opened after the hole
How can a towel hang on a towel rack to keep it from bacteria?
I used the towel rack with a towel rack to deal with the drying and sterilization once a full run. Clothes can also use a very flexible range of specific reference can be described in detail
Home renovation finished with 2 years, living with the elderly, that towel rack is not enough, and would like to add a towel rack, but need to punch, will destroy the tile it, with the kind of Xiashan plastic towel rack and feel unstable Will there be any glue or the like can be stainless steel towel rack glued to the tile, or there is no other solution, the same kitchen is the same, I would like to use stainless steel hook ah
First of all, your house for a long time to live, punch and can not see, punch solid. Bonding can not, a long time will fall out. First with glass drill bit grinding, and then hammer drilling. Absolutely no problem
It is said that some people use decorative nail-free adhesive hardware, would like to ask you have no one used? How is the effect? If you use this nail glue in the bathroom tiles stick a towel rack, dip it?
Short time no problem, but the bathroom has water vapor, over time is easy to fall out
The advantages and disadvantages of the towel rack and the fixed towel rack
The activity is that you can not use the time to fold space to save
What is the material of the towel rack, the long life of aluminum?
Towel frame materials are: aluminum, stainless steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, ferroalloy, plastic, etc., before the three kinds of common, the first two kinds of the most widely used, after several out of
Bathroom towel rack how to install the most appropriate
Depends on the pattern of your bathroom, in general, towel rack next to the bathroom cabinet is more appropriate