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i replaced my home theater system thinking it was busted but when i recieved my new one it still had the same buzzing sound i noticed the buzz is in the bedroom too
It sounds like somewhere in your electrical you either have a bad ground, or there is a florescent lamp or some other piece of electrical equipment causing the noise. Surge protectors will only help with an electrical surge, a power conditioned is what is used to remove noise from electrical lines. Check the different electrical equipment in the house by turning things off or unplugging them and check if the noise goes away, if not it could be in your electrical system or some kind of outside interference. If you still issues purchase a surgex power conditioner and that should take care of your issue.
I quest it will be a big surprise to everybody. a) He will make a big party on earth. b) It will be a new beginning. c) It is the end of the happy moment on earth.
He's going to show up with a sword, according to prophecy, won't he be surprised to see that the opposition has howitzers.
Examples include-Unplug your wireless router for 30 seconds and then plug back inUnplug all elerical cords for 45 seconds then plug back inWhy do they recommend a specific amount of time?
It's called a power cycle and that 30 to 45 seconds give any capacitors in the circuit time to discharge, wiping out any unwanted trash. Power cycles can clear lots funky little annoying issues in electronic and digital devices.
i dont understand this, every surge protector claims to protect phone lines from surges but why?
Because DLS and phone lines operate on voltages and currents and are susceptible to lags/spikes. GL
I am in need of some information where I can go to find information in medical literature regarding electrical shock. My precious (a young surgical RN) daughter-in-law experienced a serious electrical shock at work (in an operating room). To this point, I have not talked to her to get more details but she is still very ill from this. She has migraine headaches, abdominal cramps, tingling in her arm etc. I am very worried about her. Some type of equipment malfunctioned it destroyed the equipment severely shocked her. I am not certain of what tests she has had done all, as she is sleeping all the time from the exhaustion too ill to be up much. I just need medical information so I can give her to make sure she gets proper tests such is properly informed as to what all she needs checked out. She has never yet had children wonder if this will affect her eggs?Please help. She is too ill to research this my son is very busy away some.
If you say the baby is moving, and acting normally as he has been doing in the last few weeks, the chances of something being wrong is pretty slim. Also, like the others have said, please confront the restaurant employees or manager, shocking a normal person can be bad enough. But when you are pregnant at 31 weeks, its almost like planned abortion. Definitely confront them, as it could earn loads of compensation which could help with the baby.
After being around him I noticed and so did he that lights turn off as he passes them, and every time he would come in my bedroom my light bulbs would blow out. Sometimes when we kiss he shocks my lips a little and doesn't notice it.Okay don't think I'm weird but I was researching such unusual phenomena and I noticed people mentioning alien abductions and that people who were abducted and DON'T remember it (because nobody does) will have a weird relationship with electrical devices, including disrupting the connection by being around them.Anyone want to talk about such things? Interesting.
Wrong again, Eri. Physics degree(s)Should I say, wow here? This proves a degree doesn't always mean something. I don't know if it has anything to do with 'aliens' but I DO know that it is a condition that is not common, does happen, and is extremely dangerous to our sensitive electronic equipment. As an RF engineer, we had people that could not enter our shelters, because of their 'power' to throw off sensitive equipment. In a lot of places like an ATT substation you will see a copper rod outside. It is meant for people to ground themselves before entering the shelter (and for static discharge). We have had employees that could not climb towers due to their electrical presence. Your bf just has that 'electric' personality. If aliens were in fact involved, it would be interesting to see how they did it.
i am currently working as a dog groomer, but i have been thinking of starting my own small business for a few years now. some ideas i had are dog walking, gardening services such as mowing lawns, weeding and planting, illustrations (i went to college for art), or hair cutting.are any of these ideas worth pursuing? what is required to start your own small business? if you started your own small business do you have any tips for me? how did you get started? thank you!
while it is a good idea to keep all your options open, in advanced career theory---we keep to a philosophy. HIGHEST AND BEST USE OF SKILLS/LEARNINGS. YOU said you have an art degree. It would make sense to exploit this since you paid to learn it. I can guide you further [write a biz plan, do market research, etc.]
For instance, could you use normal 14/2 building wire normally used in houses for 115 volt AC lights and outlets and run DC through it provided that the voltage and current does not exceed 120 volts and 15 amps?Could you use normal in-wall light switches in the same way as long as the DC volts and amps does not exceed the AC rating?
No, this is not safe as far as switches are concerned. When you open a switch (turn a light or appliance off), a tiny spark is generated which erodes the contacts slightly. Over a period of many actuations of the switch, it will degrade to the point of becoming dangerous or non-functional. Every 0.02 of a second (50Hz mains) or 0.017 of a second (60Hz mains), the voltage in an AC circuit is instantaneously zero. The tiny spark generated cannot last longer than this at most, and some of the time even less. Therefore the erosion of the switch contact is small and the switch last for many years. In a DC circuit, the spark lasts as long as it naturally would. This may be a lot longer than 0.017 sec and may erode the switch contact a great deal faster than it would for AC. This causes a defective, maybe dangerous, switch much sooner. The longer duration spark itself is a safety hazard from the point of view of fire safety. A DC switch for 115V will be a much more heftily engineered than an AC switch. A standard AC switch must not be used for DC.