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All-steel ceramic anti-static floor. How can you open the hole? Used to take the line. What tools can I open the hole at once? Question added: .. both brick and brick but also ceramic tiles have not? To open the hole, what turned around? More
The pistol is drilled with a diamond drill and can be drilled out of the hole. This is the case, to say in detail. If it is on the wall, as long as the wall in the open slot on the line, do not need to cut on the floor so much trouble. Piston drill (Note! Not the impact drill!) The impact of the force than the portable cutting machine much smaller, only saw the cutting machine will be cut off the floor, have not heard of pistol drill to drill floor drill. In the case of a general site construction, the worker can drill the hole into the hole with a pistol. You can also go to the metal processing plant (angle iron processing or aluminum alloy doors and windows processing plant) with industrial bench drill, with a diamond drill bit will be able to drill holes, but also to the floor to spend more money, more trouble. I'm not going to sell ads, it is downloaded from the Internet pictures. Buy 3cm aperture drill to use, to buy some good points, do not even a hole did not drill on the rotten.
Antistatic floor which inspection lot should be used
Anti-static floor with Lu JJ-173 activities of the floor surface inspection batch quality acceptance record table, the reasons, in the fill instructions related to the characteristics of static electricity, and the type of A. B two kinds of PVC material conductive resistance.
Deep anti-static floor where to buy?
This Google about everywhere to buy.
What kind of chair will not damage the anti-static floor
Below with wheels ,so cool.
Construction of weak and fire control room must do anti-static floor? Has there been any impact on future acceptance?
Fire control room do not have to do anti-static Fu Fu stare Emperor Gao Ga Dian cream top of the floor? There is no impact on the subsequent acceptance, but according to the requirements of the computer room in accordance with the norms must be anti-static floor. Although the acceptance of fire has no effect, but in accordance with the relevant norms must be anti-static floor.
Anti-static floor price
The price is for the anti-static flower lamb liaoji curiosity hit the public floor is quoted, anti-static floor is only a general term, a lot of products, in detail can go to ask the local vendors, you can ask the manufacturers, The United States and the floor, their own manufacturing, low quality and excellent quality
Is it possible for ordinary household ceramics to be anti-static?
Can not it!
How many anti-static floor with feet and beams
A square anti-static floor, the ratio of feet is 3.5, beam ratio is 5.5, an anti-static floor 0.36 square, calculated down, an anti-static floor foot ratio is 1.26, beam ratio of 1.98, do the project are generally So the ratio, if the wholesale, that ratio will be much less, should be wide floor professional to do the project, so the fight against the attack Jiqiu fluttering Wei Wei two pieces are according to this ratio, in summary, that 100 Block floor, feet to be equipped with 126, beam 198, 396 screws, a beam with 2 screws, and so on