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How can I ensure my computer is properly backed up and the back-up files are unaffected by the sun? Would putting everything on CDs and DVDs work? Which would be better; an external hard disk drive or an external optical hard drive or jusr DVDs/CDs?
NASA aren't predicting any 'once in a generation solar storm'. They are merely saying that warning and protection systems should be in place - a perfectly reasonable precaution. In fact NASA are predicting the next maximum of solar activity in 2013 to be less intense than the last in 2001: solarscience.msfc.nasa /images Solar activity can produce induced currents in transmission lines, very occasionally leading to problems in electricity supply and distribution, so the worst that might happen is a power cut. The Sun does not directly affect your computer or any other electrical equipment. You certainly don't need any lead casing. Having said that, backing up your computer files is never a bad idea. No medium is completely immune to damage, whether heat, damp, power surges or physical damage so maybe you should put your more important files on both DVD and an external drive.
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I don't understand how oil and gas industry has anything to do with electrical engineering jobs??Am I not seeing this because currently I am working as a electronics engineer ? This is how I am thinking about this - Oil and gas industry , digs up oil , provides it to our cars and trucks so they can run. Now I don't understand how or where Electrical engineers come into play into this ?? Please make me understand. I want to know.P.s: I am an entry level electronics engineer, with a degree in Electrical engineering , Currently I am located in Houston, texas.
A great deal of electric power is used in extracting oil and gas from the ground, transporting it through pipelines, separating and refining the crude products and distributing the products. Electrical engineers design the required electrical equipment and the associated electric power distribution and control systems. In some situations, electric power must be generated on site rather than purchased from electric utility companies. In addition, electrical engineers are involved in the process instrumentation and control system design. The process control includes both computer systems and specialized electronic equipment.
give formulas and explanation both
The input, output and efficiency relationships are the same. In one case we are talking about a mechanical system and in the other it's an electrical system.
Crossword: (5 letters) Fire extinguisher used for electrical equipment. (I believe the 4th letter is E)
WATER!!! no? Novec is another one like Halon
I need to know what object or whatever uses light energy that then leads onto electrical energy that then leads onto kinetic energy in order to work, what equipment does that? I said a Solar powered calculator but it was wrong so i'm really confused, could anyone help?:/
The calculator does not produce movement, kinetic energy. Although you could consider the flow of electric currents a form of KE. No good examples come to mind. Perhaps a toy auto powered by a solar cell. A cell phone charged by a solar cell, when it rings in the vibrate mode. (Vibrate mode is cause by a small motor rotating a weight)
1. Why is it important to keep this equipment free from excess oils and product build up? Many thanks :)
Your irons? They should not have build up on them because it could burn the hair and hamper the way the irons work
For civilian populations as well as the military? Why is our government not doing enough to protect civilian populations in this country?
First of all, the cost of producing an EMP weapon that could effectively disrupt equipment in an area larger than a few square meters would be astronomical. Second, it would be much more effective to initiate a cyber attack which could produce exponentially more damage than an electical magnetic pulse. Third, electrical lines generate significant amounts of EMI and EMF so it really is not necessarry to harden them. It wouldn't really proctect them, they don't need it. By harden I assume you mean EMP sheilding typically used in military sytems?