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How do I calculate (using mathematical equations) the load of my equipment to support and find the correct alternator and battery for my vehicle? I'm looking for an in-depth equation that explains what I have to find from the equipment specifications to the mathematical part evolved. I want to make the right choice for my vehicle without any word of some salesman to sell me a product with little to knowledge of the product they are selling.
Ideally , you want an alternators output amperage to be equal to the maximum amperage draw of all of your amplifiers plus about 40 amps to run the rest of the electrical equipment in your car. So if your amplifiers draw 150 amps at full power you would want a 190 amp or larger alternator. If you can not get a alt. that large , extra batteries can help fill the gap. The rule of thumb for batteries is one cca of battery power per watt of amplifier power.
I don't understand how oil and gas industry has anything to do with electrical engineering jobs??Am I not seeing this because currently I am working as a electronics engineer ? This is how I am thinking about this - Oil and gas industry , digs up oil , provides it to our cars and trucks so they can run. Now I don't understand how or where Electrical engineers come into play into this ?? Please make me understand. I want to know.P.s: I am an entry level electronics engineer, with a degree in Electrical engineering , Currently I am located in Houston, texas.
This website will show you jobs in your discipline in the oil and gas industry. Take a good look at the descriptions to find out what the work could involve, and follow a trail on the internet to see where you could use your skills in your local area. You will need to think about travel at some point though, in this industry.
I measured it with a CRO in the physics lab and I was wondering what could be its source
That is a period of about 62 hours or 2.5 days! Are you sure you measured this with an oscilloscope, or does CRO mean something else to you? Maybe the motion of the planets, earth, moon, etc. I don't know? Do you mean a period of 4.5 microseconds? That would be 222kHz perhaps EMI from a computer, other electronic gear, short wave radio, etc. If you can clarify, I might be of more help. Edit: OK; I have a couple of ideas, but it can be DIFFICULT to find. I spent a long time trying to track down the source of 70MHz in my lab. Turns out there is a TV station (channel 4) transmitting about 1 mile away. Channel 4 occupies the space between 67.31MHz and 71.75MHz. 222 KHz has a wavelength of about 1350 meters. It takes a pretty big antenna to launch that as a traveling wave so I'm going guess its a near field source. A good way to look for it is to make a small loop antenna with a few turns of magnet wire (maybe a few 10s of cm in diameter) and hook it to your oscilloscope. Walk around with it putting it near any and all electrical equipment that is in or near your lab. Make sure to change the orientation of the coil when you are moving around. You are basically playing a game of hot and cold. Try to maximize the signal and in theory you should be near the source. Also, be suspicious of the lights. I know their source is 60Hz, but some electronic ballasts for fluorescents run at a pretty high frequency, at least 10's of KHz, you could be seeing a harmonic. Just try flipping the lights on and off looking for a change in amplitude of the signal on the scope. If this doesn't find it, then perhps it is far field? I don't know of any commercial braoadcasts at this frequency though. The low end of AM radio is around 500KHz. Maybe you have an active Ham radio operator in the neighborhood? I wouldn't think he would be transmitting all of the time though is this 'noise' always present? Hope this helps. Let me know if you find it. Dave
For a year my wireless network has always been right at 56.0 Mbps. The last three days however, it has been all over the place (56, 0, 11, 18, 34, etc.) I am trying to figure out what could be causing my slow connection speed. It is a password protected network and I have changed the ip from the standard address.
It could be interference from other electrical equipment, or if there are other wireless networks around you, they could be operating on the same channel. Try shutting off any new electronics you may have gotten or try changing the channel that your router broadcasts in.
i want to make a bulb on and off at intervals of say half an hour. readymade timers available in shops(india) costs much and does not support shorter intervals like half an hour. any cheaper electronic circuit which can do this control? from where can i get the circuit or its diagram?
Depending on your skills, a CMOS 555 timer chip could probably drive a solid state switch (triac) for this interval although a more reliable timing, especially if you want exactly a 50% duty cycle, by feeding the timer output into a counter, so that the 555 cycles say 32 times (once a minute about) for each change of state of the selected output. Smaller cycle times are more stable.
i have some powerful amps and other electrical equipment in my car and am wondering if all of that is pulling so much that it is affecting performance
Performance in the sense of miles per gallon? Yes. Performance in the sense of speed? Yes. Powerful amps tend to weigh a lot - and that increases the mass of your car. Is it significant? Depends on your power to weight ratio.
I'm enlisted and my MOS is 15Y (Armament/Electrical/Avionics Repairer). I'm going to BCT on 20100203 and AIT right after at Ft. Eustis. I'm excited about learning about armament and avionics. I feel proud and privileged to have a chance to work on the numero uno attack helicopter in the world. I want to know how hard it is to get this MOS(no disrespect to other MOS') I have 3 questions in regards to this1) How does 15Y training look like and can I get a head start for the subjects taught right away.2) I would like to go overseas as a first preference, a warzone where I'm needed the most, but also what is the best non combat station to serve in for this MOS overseas and in United States respectively.3) I'm a college graduate(non-citizen pending citizenship in 6 months) and I would like to go to OCS by the end of 2010. Please let me know the best route to do it.Thank you.
The MOS system has changed completely since I was in the Army but I would stay away from MP. The rank is frozen there because there are a lot of people in that MOS and rank is so very slow. Choose a field you can use in the private sector and one where you will make your rank as soon as you have time in grade. Let the Army send you to school and learn a new and useful occupation. Don't go in as a foot soldier. They make rank alright but big deal. Don't listen to the recruiter. He's not there for your benefit
for a store of electrical equipments, I want to create a database for it, what is the data that I should maintain in this database (the names of the columns)?
You need multiple tables. Using int() auto_increment primary keys for linking each section of data you want something like : stock_codes ( id int(6) primary key auto_increment, stock_code varchar(45) unique key, stock_description varchar(45), stock_qty int(6), suppler_id int(6) ) stock_movement ( id int(6) primary key auto_increment, in_date date, out_date date, moved_qty int(6), stock_id int(6), ) It helps to have tables of suppliers details, client details, sales person details, department details etc. If items have possible alternative suppliers you dump the supplier_id from the stock codes and use a link table for the stock id and supplier id to identify each inward transaction. Add tables for any additional information using links from the other tables to co-ordinate the data.