Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

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Product Description:

WELCOME to visit our stainless steel pipeline products here(^_^)

Press fitting system joins pipe without welding or bolting. The components fit by crimping through the use of a special pressing tool. An O-ring that is inserted in the fitting ends of the pipe ensures a leak-proof connection. Press fitting system is the trend of pipeline industry. It is widely used in cold and hot water supply, heating supply, fire protection, medicinal gas, industrial petroleum pipeline system etc.

For the size, now we have 3 series:
1. Out diameters: 16.0, 20.0, 25.4, 32.0, 40.0, 50.8, 63.5, 76.1, 88.9, 108.0 (GB/T 19228.2-2011)
2. Out diameters: 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.0, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 101.6 (JIS G3448-1980)
3. Out diameters: 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108 (EN 10312:2002)

Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

Technical information:
-- Material: Stainless steel 304 and 316L available.
-- Max working pressure 1.6MPa (equal to 232 psi), testing water pressure: 2.5MPa (equal to 362.5psi).
-- Working temperature from -20 to 110 degree centigrade (with Chlorinated butyl rubber O ring),
-- Suit medium: Cold water, hot water, compressed air, gas, oil etc

The product features as below: 
1, thin wall stainless steel pipe could last for 70 years, it is the same life time with normal buildings. 
2, no smell, no rusty. 
3, recycle material
4, avoid welding, avoid fire dangerous. 
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Q:PPR pipe joint leakage, do not want to change pipes, what is the good way?
Then heat the welding machine on one side of the PPR. If it is not made of silk, it is welded directly, then cut both sides off and weld it from the new joint. Just change the connector, you don't need to change the pipe.
Q:PVC how to deal with leaking water in the upper opening of three pipe joint of launching pipe?
To buy a bottle of UPVC dedicated glue, and then go to the production of PVC pipe manufacturers, where they want a little PVC resin powder
Q:Has anybody any problems with their Iridium shields flaking? It seems that the mirrored finish and color are starting to flake off around the bottom edge and the tab you use to flip the shield up with. Ive only had the shield for a few months and have only been really caught in the rain once. I use the Motosport Cleaner and Polish to clean it. Any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks
No, the glue won't work. Just go to Home Depot and get the PEX fittings. They will attach PEX to CPVC.
Q:I'm 22 weeks pregnant, and watch video cameras, and monitors all day for 8 hours, 3 days a week. Today, I'm sooo tired, I dose off occasionally. My boss has his door closed right now, but if he catches me sleeping, I'm out the door. Anybody know any good secret nap places for a pregnant woman or secret ways of sleeping? I work in a call center, and the security area is in a room. I know this question is stupid, but I'm desperate, I don't get much sleep at home because I have a 2-year-old, I'm a single parent, and I go to school. Any suggestions?
yes they make conversion fittings of all shapes and can go from copper to pvc or the opposite.
Q:its my homework i need to make some kind of model submarine that floats for 30 secondssinks for 30 secondsthen comes back up for 30 secondsits due tomorrow and its 11 at night so i cant go anywhere to get anythingplease help!!!
Most garbage disposals have two pipe/tube fittings. The smaller one is for intake from the dishwasher, if any, about a 5/8 OD tube sticking out a few inches. You can get a universal multi-sized adapter to make that work. if using it, just make sure you remove the knockout plug in the unit (read the instructions). The bigger pipe goes on the side where the two bolts go, generally a 1 1/2 OD tube (NOT 1 1/2 pipe, which is bigger) - this is the drain to be connected to the rest of the under-sink drain pipe. Depending on your overall installation, you may need a garbage disposal elbow that makes a fairly sharp 90 degree turn down from the side of the machine, or a straight-out tube - used for more than this, and called a tailpiece, available in several lengths. Just get the long one (12), as you can cut off what you don't need. Either way, also make sure to have that special fat, slotted gasket to pop on to the flanged end of the elbow or tailpiece where it bolts to the machine. (This makes more sense in a good hardware store.) Since you're replacing a previous machine, rather than a completely new install, you're almost done. Just stay with standard kitchen 1 1/2 OD stuff all the way.
Q:grooving 3 sch 40 pipe without go-no/go guage or vic ruler. wondered what the consequences could be? installing industrial air cond
Ask someone else to sit next to you or sit in the middle of the three desks so he can't be by you.
Q:Ok it's supposed to be in the 1st 7 chapters..When Mrs. Maude's house chatches on fire who places the blanket around Scout While she is freezing in the night cold air? I don't remember reading that part can someone please help me! The plus side is its multiple choice: Miss Stephanie Boo Radley Dill Jem
The amount of air leaking through the fittings is probably minimal so it won't be a big deal as far as safety. It does seem silly to fire someone over that but I wasn't there.
Q:A material through which nearly all light passes isreflective.translucent.opaque.transparent. The amount of energy in a sound wave determines all of the following exceptpitch.loudness.amplitude.intensity. Force multiplied by the distance the force moves an object is calledfriction .energy.power. Pascal's principle is used ina hydraulic press.airplane design.the construction of ships.a vacuum cleaner What two quantities do you need to calculate momentum?distance and timemass and velocityacceleration and timeforce and mass The number of times a machine multiplies the effort force is thepitch.horsepower.lifting force.mechanical advantage.
What exactly is the nature of the failure? If it is coming apart at the fittings you have to keep in mind that polymers will creep over time. This means that the pipe fittings may be tight when the pipe is first assembled but over time the molecules in the pipe relax and the fittings no longer hold pressure. Look at creep data for various flavors of plastics/rubber and determine if you can use a better material.
Q:Ok im 12 and my parents are obssesed about safety is there cheap pads (under $60 for set) that can protect you? i dont want to look stupid when playing
If you have the tools to work with pvc, you may have the tools to work with wood. Wouldn't such a device look great in highly polished wood? Even if you can't drill bolt joints together, you might be able to use PVC fittings, and put wood dowels into them. Paint the pvc some hot color, and still use polished and shiny wood. That would look cool too.
Q:car alarm just goes has problems as it is.
Stainless is dielectric or use a PVC nipple.

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