Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

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Product Description:

WELCOME to visit our stainless steel pipeline products here(^_^)

Press fitting system joins pipe without welding or bolting. The components fit by crimping through the use of a special pressing tool. An O-ring that is inserted in the fitting ends of the pipe ensures a leak-proof connection. Press fitting system is the trend of pipeline industry. It is widely used in cold and hot water supply, heating supply, fire protection, medicinal gas, industrial petroleum pipeline system etc.

For the size, now we have 3 series:
1. Out diameters: 16.0, 20.0, 25.4, 32.0, 40.0, 50.8, 63.5, 76.1, 88.9, 108.0 (GB/T 19228.2-2011)
2. Out diameters: 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.0, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 101.6 (JIS G3448-1980)
3. Out diameters: 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108 (EN 10312:2002)

Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

Stainless Steel Water Manifold with multi Branches

Technical information:
-- Material: Stainless steel 304 and 316L available.
-- Max working pressure 1.6MPa (equal to 232 psi), testing water pressure: 2.5MPa (equal to 362.5psi).
-- Working temperature from -20 to 110 degree centigrade (with Chlorinated butyl rubber O ring),
-- Suit medium: Cold water, hot water, compressed air, gas, oil etc

The product features as below: 
1, thin wall stainless steel pipe could last for 70 years, it is the same life time with normal buildings. 
2, no smell, no rusty. 
3, recycle material
4, avoid welding, avoid fire dangerous. 
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Q:What is the difference between English and Metric pipe sizes?
I would go with the barbed/crimped sleeve connection system rather than the SharkBite (which is a glorified Swagelock type system normally used for tubing applications). My experience with Swagelock is that they work well when installed correctly, but can be very finicky to get leak-free (tubing has to seat all the way into the fitting; ferrule must fit squarely on the tubing; must thread the nut on correctly the first time and then neither over- nor under-tighten). Also, while a Swagelock fitting body and nut are reusable, the ferrule is a throw-away item you must replace. Though I've not used SharkBite, I have the same concerns since the design looks the same. The barb/crimp looks simpler/easier to get right. In either case, the most reliable method for installation is to have only dedicated runs and to NOT install any fittings in walls (for example, don't tee off of a line in a wall to feed two sinks). Every mechanical connection is a potential leak spot. The beauty of PEX is that you can run continuous lengths from source to destination, gently bending it as needed. You can't do this with iron, copper or rigid plastic. I've seen photos of PEX installations with loads of couplings and elbows in the wallsthis is lousy workmanship that destroys a lot of the inherent advantages of PEX. As the first responder noted, follow the manufacturer's instructions/recommendations wherever possible. Plumbing errors can lead to very costly damage, and most manufacturers are interested in making sure your use of their products is a successful one. Good luck.
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Go to your local hardware store and ask them about soft copper and it`s fittings.
Q:How to distinguish between flared pipe joint and welded pipe joint
Flaredfitting: flaredfitting medium: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium pipe joint with steel pipe specifications and flexible pipe welding, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good sealing performance.
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This is a general term for connections that can be disassembled in a fluid path. It mainly includes welding type, clamping sleeve type and flaring type

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