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How should the kitchen lamps and lanterns be chosen?
Selection of lamps to prevent oil pollution, so as to avoid cooking for a long time to produce soot contaminated on the lamp, affecting lighting effects. The installation of lamps should be far away from the stove, so as to avoid oil water steam directly affected the lamp.
What kinds of furniture are there in the whole country?
Which is between the "mid-range decoration, decoration and decoration in a high mid-range than ordinary decoration decoration, including simple cabinets, shower, TV and sofa, the cost is between hardcover and between.
What is the width of the kitchen in the suite kitchen and the width of the dishwasher?
Stove: the stove is similar to the pool. A part of the operating table is concave and the proper height can be used to place the cooking stove. The standard height of the stove table is basically the same as the height of the water tank, and the comfort of the operation can be ensured. The location of the stove is better near the window or close to the outer wall, so that the length of the ventilation pipe of the fume exhauster can be reduced to a minimum, and the occupied space is greatly reduced. Lampblack machine with sink, stove, table top of the cabinet bottom level, to ensure uniformity of the kitchen. At the same time, the cabinet and the stove hood, also need to keep a distance of 55-60cm, in order to meet the needs of the operation line of sight.
What are the panels in the furniture?
For living in the city, accustomed to the hustle and bustle of modern urban people, the Mediterranean style furniture is consistent with the requirements of the higher quality of life and recover the original simplicity. Especially for young people, Mediterranean style colors, styles and so on, and young people like the fresh, casual feeling in line with.
Do you use toughened glass for the kitchen cabinet door?
The surface of tempered glass will have uneven phenomenon (wind spot) and slight thickness thinning. The reason for the thinning is that the glass is softened by hot melting and cooled rapidly by strong wind, so that the crystal gap becomes smaller and the pressure becomes larger, so the glass is thinner before tempering than before tempering. Under normal circumstances, 4~6mm glass after tempering thin, 0.2~0.8mm, 8~20mm glass after tempering thin, 0.9~1.8mm. The specific degree should be decided by the equipment, which is the reason why the toughened glass can not be used as a mirror surface.
Wash the vegetable and hearth height disparity between the number of suitable
Overall layout: the kitchen furniture should be meticulous and comfortable in function, make full use of space, and be beautiful and integrated in form. Because in the kitchen, housewives to finish picking vegetables, vegetables, vegetable, vegetables, cooking, washing dishes and a series of work, it can be divided into washing, cooking, cut with the operation of three. So the kitchen furniture generally by the sink, stove, console, cabinet etc, and both can be fitted in the operation platform, to form a unified whole.
How to buy cabinets? Someone has used SIM cabinet?
Careful consumers will find different manufacturers, custom-made cabinets charge standards are different. Some manufacturers in the quotation, in addition to the basin, stove and other equipment to be equipped with the consumer themselves, but also contains all the other processes, and even the basket used slide, door handle and hardware hinge is included. Some manufacturers only quote the basic price of the cabinet, if you want to do another drawer, or the installation of basins by manufacturers, you have to pay an additional fee.
How to clean and maintain the countertop?
There are man-made stone, fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, log and other materials, different cabinet materials, different cabinet cleaning methods:1, artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets do not use hard 100 clean cloth, steel ball, chemical cleaning or steel brush to wash, with a soft towel, soft scouring cloth wiping with brightener cabinet or cupboard, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion of cabinet cabinet.2, fireproof board material cabinet can use household cleaning agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball cleaning cabinet, and then use hot and humid cloth towel cleaning, and finally use dry cloth to wipe cabinet.3, natural stone cabinets table should use soft hundred clean cloth, can not use toluene cleaning agent, otherwise it is difficult to clear the flower white spot. When cleaning cabinets scale, can not use acid strong toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glazed cabinet, so that the cabinet lost luster.4, if the cabinet is log material, should first use billiards to clear the cabinet dust, and then dry cloth or stained log maintenance special lotion to wipe cabinets, don't use wet cloth and oil cleaner cleaning cabinet.5, washing basin or gas stove and so on mesa, should avoid knock or knock ambry, two ambry table board is connected place, should avoid the long immersion of water.