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I would like to start testing and reconditioning some electrical equipment and I'm wondering what device or devices I can use to out put a specified voltage/amperage either AC or DC.for instance I have an electric motor that needs 5v 20amps, and I require a device that would allow me to plug into a wall outlet and regulate the voltage and amps to the proper levels for testing this device.hopefully that makes sense, thanks
if its AC you can use a variable speed drive or VoltPac but if ur talking DC then u need an adjustable power supply. You can build one or you can probably buy a more stable unit if you have the money to spend.
1) Hands when handling electrical equipment. 3 letters, 2nd is r2) Work areas must have 9 letters, 2nd is o, 9th is r3) Treat all chemicals in the lab as 9 letters, 2nd is a, 4th is g, 6th is r, 9th is s4) Ties8 letters, 1st is t, 2nd is i, 3rd is e, 7th is i.
3). Dangerous 4). Tiestring (but 9 letters not 8)
How long did it take you to complete? What job do you have now? I am interested in going to school for that and wondering what type of jobs I might have.
It took me 4 years to complete I am in a leadership development programing at a large aerospace company A lot of my classmates got jobs in the defense industry. Most are working in computer enigneering, rf design, or software
I would like a serious answer from a professional who would know about these things from being part of the military or etc.When the air burst missile exploded, everything electrical stopped working. At the end of the movie, the girl asked if the phones are working and the guy replied Are you kidding, they'll never be phones again.Is that a true statement? Can anything electrical ever work again?? Or did he say that because the world at the time in their point of view looked unrepairable ?Also, if I was in a well constructed fallout shelter with all my stuff and I wanted to save Computers, TV etc. will it get affected from the outside air burst missile? (I know a lot of people are gonna yell why keep those when you can't use electricity again after a nuclear war 1, I just wanted to know, 2 I could use them in the shelter if I have Generator batteries for room lighting and everything else)
You are referring to electromagnetic pulse. The strongest part of the pulse lasts for only a fraction of a second, but any unprotected electrical equipment — and anything connected to electrical cables, which act as giant lightning rods or antennas — will be affected by the pulse. Older, vacuum tube (valve) based equipment is much less vulnerable to EMP than newer solid state equipment; Soviet Cold War–era military aircraft often had avionics based on vacuum tubes due both to limitations in Soviet solid-state capabilities and a belief that the vacuum gear would survive better. On the other hand, the solid state PRC-77 VHF manpack radio survived extensive EMP testing. The earlier PRC-25, nearly identical except for a vacuum tube final, had been tested in EMP simulators but was not certified to remain fully functional.
.and what does it entail?
I get three chickens for a good design, a basket of corn for a mediocre design, and okra for a bad design. I am considered well paid.
EMP is disruptive energy from nuclear weapons that destroys all electrical equipment. It will take out our power grid, car ignitions, refrigeration, infrastructure, and water purification plants (no electricity, no running water, no infrastructure).So if EMP destroys the whole world's infrastructure in a massive was, how long would it take to re-build? Keep in mind that in that scenario, there WILL be shortages of food and water, there WILL be anarchy, there WILL be survival of the fittest, there WILL be massive fallout, but there will also be a small handful of government officials and scientists hiding in bunkers.So how long would it take to rebuild the infrastructure and cities completely after an EMP nuclear war?
well an EMP ad a nuke arent completely the same a nuke blows everything up while an EMP disables all electric items so if we get hit by a nuke or many nukes, probably 20-30 years
I am doing a project on electronic baton.I want it to look exactly like baton used by professional orchestra conductor.I stored the electronic components inside the handle of the baton.The problem is the space is very limited.The maximum diameter of the handle only about 18 mm.I need to choose a battery that also stored inside the handle.I want the battery that could work for long time.However what I can see the coin battery that is small only have small energy in it.It will only last for less than 1 hour.It is not good for new product.What can I do to maximize amount of energy so baton can work for longer time? ideally 10+hours or minimum of 5 hours and can fit inside small handle.I dont want to use external power cable.Hope you guys can help me.Really appreciated all of your helps.
Lithium batteries tend to offer best size to power ratio right now. They are available in rechargeable and disposable. Take a trip to Walmart bearing in mind you may find something you like that is designed to go into something else such as a replacement battery for a cell phone or camera etc.
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A lightning rod, sometimes called a lightning arrester is something you mount on top of your house. It is a pointed long metal rod (or several of them) that is mounted on the roof so that it is the highest object. It is connected via a heavy metal cable to a ground rod which is driven into the ground nearby. It will attract any lightning bolt and dissipate it to ground. You may be talking about a surge protector, an electronic device usually mounted in outlet strips, that provides protection to voltage surges and spikes, which can be caused by a nearby lightning strike, or by inductive loads switching off. Surge protectors are usually varistors, which are power devices that have an V-I characteristic that causes them to shunt voltage much above the normal line voltage to ground.