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PVC anti-static floor of the anti-static index is how much
Anti - static plastic floor of the technical parameters
An electrostatic pad (static skin to be separated by a large amount of static electricity installed in the installation of an electrostatic buckle, such as an electrostatic pad length of 5M? The More
Yes, you can look at their own anti-static mats, are generally two layers of green (blue, gray) under the black waste 禒 irrigation Pi Piao anti-lion set the upper layer for the anti-static layer, the surface resistivity of 10 ^ 6 ~ 10 ^ 9 ohm, the lower layer for the conductive layer, the surface resistivity of less than 10 ^ 5 ohm lower conductive, no matter how far, as long as a table mat, there is a ground button can be able to connect the whole table mats, of course, you More than a few also may wish, may be due to mechanical reasons, the ground button line may be broken
Room design requirements anti-static floor standard height is how much
10 centimeters or 15 centimeters, if necessary, I do this
General room commonly used anti-static floor what price?
The use of anti-static floor of the engine room are generally used anti-static anti-static on the cross-foot on the Kyu Gui helium Mao electric floor, there are two kinds of national standard and non-standard, there are different thickness, see your choice, the price of about 200
Room anti-static floor, how much the price of a flat
According to the budget and the use of choice of price space is very large, from more than 100 to more than 1000 have, Hengtong Xin Hong anti-static floor
How to ground the antistatic floor
According to the data to verify the scope of anti-static within the allowable range of current R = U / I calculated down anti-static floor resistance is 10 in the control of Cao Jiu 丨 correction of scorpion intestinal bitter 4 to 10 between the 6 power
How many anti-static floor with feet and beams
A square anti-static floor, the ratio of feet is 3.5, beam ratio is 5.5, an anti-static floor 0.36 square, calculated down, an anti-static floor foot ratio is 1.26, beam ratio of 1.98, do the project are generally So the ratio, if the wholesale, that ratio will be much less, should be wide floor professional to do the project, so the fight against the attack Jiqiu fluttering Wei Wei two pieces are according to this ratio, in summary, that 100 Block floor, feet to be equipped with 126, beam 198, 396 screws, a beam with 2 screws, and so on
At work sometimes encountered when the machine is often hit by static electricity
Glue or wood or grass