Raised conductive Floor with PVC finish

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Raised conductive Floor with PVC finish(Steel Panel)

Model: HY600

Dimension: 600×600×35(mm)   



 Concentrated Load

 Impact Load

 Ultimated Load

 Uniform Load

 Rolling Load














































Panel,Pedestal and Stringer


Installed Example


PVC Colour Card




















PVC conductive vinyl tile is used both for raised floors and other flooring. This product has a permanent anti-static function because of the conductive static network formed at the interface of plastic particles. Its appearance looks like the pattern of marble for a decorative appeal.

This flooring is widely used in program machine rooms, computer rooms, power adjustment houses, purification workshops, and in the telecom, electronics, micro-electronic and medicine industries.

1) Surface system electric resistance: 1 x 105 - 1 x 108Ω
2) Static electricity decay period: (±500 - ±5,000V)≥2S
3) Amount of wear: ≤0.020g/cm
4) Combustion property: FV-0 < 10S
5) Starting voltage: V < 100V

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Q:Meeting room with carpet, static electricity is particularly serious, how to remove? How is the equipment connected to the ground?
In the room plus a humidifier, static electricity will not be so powerful
Q:Anti-static floor hdg.600.35.q.d what is the meaning
Specifications: 600 * 600 * 35mm Service life: 10 years Surface resistance: 10 7DD10 9Ω impact resistance open Kouzhuang Kenjiqian Bang Bao Bo strength: 1000 kg g Material: steel filled with cement Wear resistance: high thickness: 30,35 ,,, mmmm
Q:How to properly regulate the installation of pvc plastic anti-static floor
First, the mobile installation: between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special connection with a bonding tape, floor and floor surface is not bonded, you can freely roll up or remove the PVC floor, easy to move. Second, the fixed installation: 1. Semi-fixed: special double-sided tape, between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special double-sided adhesive tape with one, while the floor and the ground is also connected together, can effectively prevent The floor due to strenuous movement and the occurrence of movement, opening, but also facilitate the future because of the need to do the entire site to move. 2. Local bonding: on the ground to the edge of the floor as the reference inward brush 20cm adhesive. 3. Full Adhesive Adhesive: All the brushes are to be laid on the ground. [Grass-roots requirements]: construction ground floor must be clean, durable clean, high flatness, and no cracks. The concrete surface moisture content can not exceed 2.5%. Gypsum floor moisture content shall not exceed 0.5%. Before the floor laying. Floor after dust, you can lay PVC plastic sports flooring. Such as the original rough surface can also be built about 2mm self-leveling. If it is non-absorbent ground, such as mineral grassroots, stone, tiles, etc., can be directly pavement. 【Note】: If the basement and other wet ground, the floor must be waterproof layer to isolate water vapor.
Q:PVC pipe with anti-static performance?
Pvc tube is not anti-static but there is anti-static pvc tube
Q:Would you like to use anti-static flooring for room decoration?
Hello this is yes
Q:Solder when wearing static ring when there is tingling is how the matter
Since it is necessary to wear static hand ring, it must be anti-static, and should use anti-static soldering iron, ordinary soldering iron must be grounded, for anti-static sensitive devices to wait for the soldering iron temperature after the unplug the power and then welding, When the place to wear static ring will have no sense of tingling when there is no, it is because the soldering iron is not grounded, the soldering iron on the leakage current through the solder wire spread to the human body, and then caused by the discharge of static hand ring, This is the phenomenon, that is, the bracelet is not tight, there is no reliable contact with the skin, dry weather in winter when the anti-static effect is not good, you can wipe in the wrist ring part of the point glycerin
Q:Anti-static floor price
The price is for the anti-static flower lamb liaoji curiosity hit the public floor is quoted, anti-static floor is only a general term, a lot of products, in detail can go to ask the local vendors, you can ask the manufacturers, The United States and the floor, their own manufacturing, low quality and excellent quality
Q:Seeking a large sample of static flooring cad
There is no problem with paid offer
Q:Antistatic floor of the construction skills of what
Network floor outlet can be used to match the junction box (box with strong, weak socket) or in the cover on the outlet access to fixed in the work under the aluminum plate or furniture on the strength of the strong electrical outlet. When the furniture changes, the junction box outlet can be moved to the new address. If you long track Beike long flap hugs ready to decorate, need to buy building materials and furniture can go to a home network.
Q:How to remove the silence of silk clothing
After washing clothes, soaked with clothing softener for 15 minutes, you can eliminate static electricity

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