OA Bare Panel with Cable Tank with good quality

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OA Bare Panel with Cable Tank

Model: OA500CT / OA600CT

Dimension: 500×500×28(mm)


These are raised floors suitable for use with underfloor wiring for communication and power to computers, telephone, copies and other equipment in the office.

Such floors are installed in business offices as well as schools, hospitals, libraries, and other institutions.

These systems contribute to the most efficient use of underfloor space not only in new structures, but also in renovated buildings. We further more provide comfortable underfloor air -conditioned system.


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Q:Ceramic anti-static flooring and PVC anti-static floor which is good wave tripod anti-static floor to tell you
As far as I know, the ceramic is better.
Q:What is the anti-static floor edge material
The edge of the edge of the plant with the material is not sturdy shield box Yong Valley fall Yan Kai Kai, there are all steel, there are alloys, PVC, etc., as long as the conductive, are in use, the price is low to the provincial cost of the principle, Good quality to use good materials, there are no side of the floor.
Q:Do you need to set up a static floor for a weak building in a commercial building?
Weak wells inside do not need, only the room needs fire control room, telecommunications room and so on
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
Although the tile is beautiful, but to punch on the tile is not an easy thing. Because the tile itself is easy to bad plus a hole is easier to break along the gap. Method / Step 1 • The position to be punched is pre-calibrated to ensure the level. (Note that the corresponding location of the wall do not have water and electricity lines) 2, with a glass drill hole in the ceramic tile, the first tilt direction to play a pit; otherwise the tile is too smooth and bad positioning; or not all tiles, with nails directly A small pit to come; think about precision, you can also have a hole (size appropriate) plate with the best. 3, set out to play a small mark can remove the positioning of the orifice, and then. Prepare a bottle in advance, drill a hole in the bottle, the bottle filled with water. Then, when the hole to the water at the same time to the drill bit and tile contact parts; especially the whole tile, be sure to have water Oh. 4, there is no need to change the impact of the drill. Open the tile part, continue to play the screw depth. Attention to play a hole, remove the glass drill, the blocked part of the drill bit to clear the hollow. (All the tiles in particular to do this step).
Q:Anti - static floor PVC electrode with anti - static requirements do
Q:How to choose the anti-static floor of the room?
According to the actual needs to choose. 1, if the floor below the need for alignment and air supply, you must use anti-static activities of the floor. And then choose according to the cost of the type of activities used in the floor, in general, low-grade full of steel floor (ie, melamine and PVC surface layer) and wood-based floor, the price of about two square square; mid-range anti-static ceramic Composite base, ceramic steel base, calcium sulfate floor, the price of three or four hundred; high-grade aluminum floor, the price of more than a thousand. The room uses anti-static ceramic steel and steel floor more. 2, if the use of cable frame, it is only necessary to use anti-static straight shop floor, straight shop floor, there are anti-static tiles and anti-static PVC flooring. Room with anti-static tiles is better, long life, easy to clean.
Q:Anti - static floor height
Of course! The height is related to the material of the electrostatic floor
Q:Antistatic floor of the construction skills of what
Network floor outlet can be used to match the junction box (box with strong, weak socket) or in the cover on the outlet access to fixed in the work under the aluminum plate or furniture on the strength of the strong electrical outlet. When the furniture changes, the junction box outlet can be moved to the new address. If you long track Beike long flap hugs ready to decorate, need to buy building materials and furniture can go to a home network.
Q:The ground to do anti-static dust, painted with epoxy paint, or with anti-static floor paste? That is affordable
Plant or epoxy floor is good
Q:Anti-static floor anti-static tiles What is the difference?
The use of different materials, the use of methods and the role is very different. In general, the anti-static epoxy is better, it combines the smooth wall of the pile of scaffolding lack of painting, conductive, beautiful, seamless, wear and other advantages!

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