OA Bare Finished Raised Floor System(Bare Panel)

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50000 m²/month

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Product Description:

OA Bare Finished Raised Floor System(Bare Panel)

Model: OA600-Q/B/Z/CZ

Dimension: 600×600×35/30(mm)



 Concentrated Load

 Impact Load

 Ultimated Load

 Uniform Load

 Rolling Load













































Common specification/Panel material: Steel + Lightweight Cement




          Low floor type                        High floor type

OA Steel Panel is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming welded and sprayed with bubble cement filled in its inner cavity. Its pedestal is plated with zinc and cast aluminum alloy, whose height is adjustable and can be self-locked. The steel panel can be shaped by either slicing or riveting. In order to meet the requirements of the multi-functional intelligent building, OA raised floor is equipped with double wiring chip boxes to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience. Installed by beamless angle bars, the panels are firm, stable and easy to handle.

 Installed Example


Applicable fields:

OA Steel Panel is fit for intelligent office building, OA classroom or places need to be raised, dust-free or waterproof.



All steel assembly structure with high strength and strong anti-impact ability.
High precision of dimensions and good interchange ability.
Surface is treated with static electricity painting, owning good performance for anti-corrosion and long life for use.
Fire-proof, water-proof and dust-proof.
Wiring chip port is molded forming to make it easier for assembling wires and outlet boxes.
Lower space can be used for air-conditioning ventilation.
With regard to bearing loads of excessive heavy equipment, the loading problem can be solved by adding pedestals under the floor.
Convenient work for both assembling and dismantling brings high re-use factor.

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Q:Meeting room with carpet, static electricity is particularly serious, how to remove? How is the equipment connected to the ground?
In the room plus a humidifier, static electricity will not be so powerful
Q:Why is the weak anti-static floor, which is the specification?
The amount of static electricity on the electronic machine are very hurt, do not understand?
Q:Anti-static floor hdg.600.35.q.d what is the meaning
Specifications: 600 * 600 * 35mm Service life: 10 years Surface resistance: 10 7DD10 9Ω impact resistance open Kouzhuang Kenjiqian Bang Bao Bo strength: 1000 kg g Material: steel filled with cement Wear resistance: high thickness: 30,35 ,,, mmmm
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
Although the tile is beautiful, but to punch on the tile is not an easy thing. Because the tile itself is easy to bad plus a hole is easier to break along the gap. Method / Step 1 • The position to be punched is pre-calibrated to ensure the level. (Note that the corresponding location of the wall do not have water and electricity lines) 2, with a glass drill hole in the ceramic tile, the first tilt direction to play a pit; otherwise the tile is too smooth and bad positioning; or not all tiles, with nails directly A small pit to come; think about precision, you can also have a hole (size appropriate) plate with the best. 3, set out to play a small mark can remove the positioning of the orifice, and then. Prepare a bottle in advance, drill a hole in the bottle, the bottle filled with water. Then, when the hole to the water at the same time to the drill bit and tile contact parts; especially the whole tile, be sure to have water Oh. 4, there is no need to change the impact of the drill. Open the tile part, continue to play the screw depth. Attention to play a hole, remove the glass drill, the blocked part of the drill bit to clear the hollow. (All the tiles in particular to do this step).
Q:What is the quasi-static floor cover?
First, the set of fixed wood flooring section with anti-static floor sub-head. Second, the amount of set of methods: 1. The condemnation. What works set what the amount of fixed, first find the amount of work you need to set the amount of content. 2. Understand the composition of base prices. The base price in the quota is the labor + material + machinery, (the need to note that the unit is required) are now consumption quota, consumption is the loss, the fixed book has a clear that the loss of each different material, material price * loss Is the fixed price of this material. 3. Base price conversion. If the labor, materials, machinery, a price change in the need for base price conversion, the original price of a change from the base price deducted, and then added to the composition of the new price.
Q:Solder when wearing static ring when there is tingling is how the matter
It is not clear, we fool the bar ão ão child care utility unit useless electrostatic ring, electric iron temperature control on the line, grounding does not matter, if you are welding the sensitive components so the best or ground. The general parts of the use of electrostatic pad shop and the ground on it.
Q:The use of anti-static board
Generally used for the production of anti-static floor, electronics and semiconductor industry used a lot, is the most cost-effective anti-static floor materials....
Q:Will static electricity cause a fire?
Under certain conditions will cause a fire!
Q:What is the method of repairing the floor of the electrostatic floor?
Generally there is no way to remedy, had no choice for the surface layer, can be dealt with, Hengtong Xin Hong
Q:Antistatic floor how much money
Anti-static floor pavement is generally divided into anti-static tiles, PVC anti-static floor and anti-static floor. 1, anti-static tiles 2, PVC anti-static floor child often powder at the beginning of mad Mad Fu 3, anti-static floor 4, ceramic anti-static floor 5, all-steel anti-static floor 6, aluminum alloy anti-static floor

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