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  1. Description:

Characteristics :

  • Outstanding fire- resistant properties

  • Higher ability to withstand thermal shock

  • Excellent chemical stability

  • High transmittance

  • Lighter weight higher ruggedness

  • Meet all kinds of reprocessing requirement

  • Nickel-supplied crystals don’t form


Thermal properties (The following parameters are all average values.)

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (C.T.E) α (20℃ ~300℃ ): 4.0×10-6 K-1 

Specific heat capacity cƤ (20-100℃ ): 0.83kJ/(kg·K) 

Thermal conductivity λ (90℃ ): 1.2 W/(M·K) 

Heat shock temperature: 300℃ (after tempered) 

Softening Point: 840℃ Annealing Point: 580℃ Strain Point: 530℃ 

Long-term service temperature: no deformation at 500℃ for 10 hours

Application: Glass facades, Glass partitions, Doors and windows , Smoke screens

Q:Any1 know wat that big glass building is next to City Hall in Cork???
i think its the new building for doing tax,bin charges etc. my friend thinks its a libary and i heard some1 else say it was part of the fire station so who knows....go in there someday thats the quickest way to find out!!!!!!!
Q:can i build a tank 2000x500x400mm with braces with 5mm thick glass?
NO WAY. You are going to need at very least 12 - 15 mm glass on that tank maybe higher. That just going of a tank here which is just over 55 gallons or 220 lt in it and that has 7mm in it and braced. As off them measurements that going to be close to a 105 gallon tank or close to 400 lts. So ya looking at 400 kg of weight just in water before ya add anything else to it eg gravel etc. And as soon as ya fill it ya going to have a huge mess to clean up when the glass gives way under the weight .
Q:Ps can make the effect of architectural glass?
Or do not think PS is not good at the field, to do other good things, after all, his most important is to adjust the color.
Q:Is the car foil attached to the inside of the glass or inside? Will the wiper scratch the car's foil? Do not remove the window glass when attaching the car foil?
Car foil is to be affixed to the inside of the car glass, the reason is very simple and then there will be no wind inside the rain, the use of the film will not be too much external interference, because the film stick to the wind, Baptism, sure that the paste is very strong, the use of the inside will not be affected.
Q:I am planning a winter project, we have several nice lakes here. Any ideals?
type into search box how to build a boat how to build a canoe how to build wooden boat how to build fiber glass how to build medal boat
Q:Tempered glass and ordinary glass technology and raw materials What is the difference in detail Thank you
General material the same. Tempered glass is the ordinary flat glass or float glass in a specific process conditions, quenching or air-cooled quenching method from the processing, has "tempered glass" entry.
Q:What is the name of the hollow glass I am doing?
Plus energy-saving glass, architectural glass, engineering glass, and so on
All (cream )drinks are shaken -Example white Russian, all (sweet and sour) drinks are shaken}-whiskey sour, margarita, Example Ice Tea add liquors sour mix shake , add splash coke squeeze lemon. Just remember all drinks are built in a glass {rule is cream drink and sour drinks shake.} I build my frozen drinks in the mixer, Frozen build in mixer- ice, liquor, mixer like strawberry Daiquiri , blend ,garnish Martini -UP make in metal shaker can add ice vodka, or gin dash of vermouth chill pour into martini glass. .Perfect Manhattan up- ice whiskey, dash of sweet and dry vermouth- Perfect means both sweet and dry vermouth pour into martini glass garnish
Q:What are the brands of architectural glass films on the market today?
In the United States, architectural glass film penetration rate has exceeded 90%. Australia, New Zealand and other countries architectural glass film penetration rate are more than 75%. From the Pentagon, the White House, the Sydney Opera House and many civil buildings ... ... China has over 15 billion square meters of glass maintenance market, and with a large number of new buildings each year, the need to maintain the glass area will be 6% to 10% increase in speed. At the same time, by the impact of global warming, glass film insulation, environmental protection features will be more people recognized, glass film in the field of construction and home decoration will have a very wide range of applications. The growing awareness of energy conservation, but also spawned energy-saving explosion-proof glass foil into the tens of thousands of households! Foil market is a huge trademark machine, and the current glass film or a few people only know the wealth industry. According to the national authority of the statistical agencies estimate that the installation of glass film China's architectural glass film penetration rate is currently less than 10%. The huge demand constitutes at least 500 billion market profit margins. One step ahead is tantamount to digging a huge gold mine! Jazz glass film to the international advanced production technology as the basis, both from the price or quality have a strong market competitiveness, operating jazz film you will enjoy greater profit margins to ensure that you succeed in wealth! Each construction staff can be posted 50-100 square meters a day, profits ranging from 4,000 yuan to 35,000 yuan, if to undertake commercial buildings, banks, hotels, party and government organs, residential buildings, cluster floor, the profits will be more impressive!
Q:Is there a place that sells glass panels to be mounted together so you can build your own glass dome bedroom? I don't mind a 7-8 foot wall and then a dome on top.
Yes okorder / you can ask with the details of your requirements. They answers promptly. Now you can complete your dream bedroom quickly. Wish one day I can visit your home to see it.

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