Most popular Die-casting Aluminum flooring

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50000 m²/month

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Die-casting Aluminum Panel/Flooring

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

Raised floor panels are die-casting with aluminum ingot which are light and handy and with strong anticorrosion.

Raised floor panel is designed with construction theory,which breaks through traditional thought and is with stronger loading performance.

In order to meet various needs of clean room,we supply Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel.Pedestal bute is designed with rib inside.

Outlet cover which wiring path is adjustable is beautiful and dignified.Its aperture is manager flexibly and easily too.  


Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

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Q:The room and shop the floor and the use of static wiring on the bridge wiring, scientific and reasonable?
Yes ah this is nothing is unreasonable is a practical request Many telecommunications room are used, Hengtong Xin Hong anti-static floor...
Q:Office anti-static floor how to choose
It is recommended to choose Shu Ruide anti-static floor, can be used for the floor of the engine room, high wear resistance, even if the office people can also keep shiny
Q:How to clean the room floor
When cleaning the surface of the floor, please use a cotton cloth wring dry water, do not use alkaline water, soapy water or organic solvents and other corrosive chemicals.
Q:General room commonly used anti-static floor what price?
The use of anti-static floor of the engine room are generally used anti-static anti-static on the cross-foot on the Kyu Gui helium Mao electric floor, there are two kinds of national standard and non-standard, there are different thickness, see your choice, the price of about 200
Q:Is it possible for ordinary household ceramics to be anti-static?
Ceramic can not be anti-static, but antistatic!
Q:What is the principle of cordless static ring?
The principle of cordless static ring floating touch of the first bark Ying Du is also through the 1M ohm resistor discharge to avoid instantaneous large current damage to the components and the human body! Static electricity is through the air to eliminate (neutral way to eliminate), but still a rope electrostatic ring effect is better!
Q:Will static electricity cause a fire?
Under certain conditions will cause a fire!
Q:Construction of weak and fire control room must do anti-static floor?
Not have to do, but it is best to do anti-static floor, generally with anti-static steel floor, the general price as long as more than one hundred square. If you do not install anti-static floor, the acceptance must be affected, in order to ensure the acceptance is acceptable, I suggest you still use anti-static floor.
Q:Network room anti-static floor, how to do grounding
Pumping 5, '6 points to pick up the room in the bronze medal on the line!
Q:Room anti-static floor, how much the price of a flat
Huili room anti-static floor more than 200 ---- more than 1,000

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