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I have a tenant renting a room in my house who is dying from liver disease. He is really old and he wants his son to have power of attorney for his bank account. His son is in the military and cannot leave base to come home to sign the form at the old man's bank. What should we do now to get this power of attorney form filled out? Thank you for your time.
Ask the bank for their own POA form, have the tenant sign it in front of (probably 2) witnesses. Ask the bank if they need it notarized. The son doesn't need to sign the POA, but the tenant needs to sign a POA form the bank will accept. It's the TENANT's POA, not the son's. The tenant is giving power TO the son. So only the tenant's signature is needed. It would be simpler to ask the bank if the tenant can add the son to the account. That kind of thing can usually be done thru the mail (signature cards). I did this with my dad, out-of-state. I never went to his bank, but signed the cards and sent them back. In fact, I'm listed on one bank account that I never signed anything for.
all i need is a good overall balanced sound on my van. i have never installed a head unit or amps on a vehicle. this is for an old club wagon family+guest hauler.
if you get a kicker zx100.2 for each pair of door speakers they can all be run off 1 set of RCAs off the head unit because all kicker amps have RCA outputs as well as RCA inputs
i want to know that does capacitor comsumed any energy means real power capacitor is of 440 v 100 kvar and if then how should i calculate?
A perfect Capacitor does not consume energy unless it was a leakage bad capacitor under working voltage. Depending on what circuit it was located,it affects the total impedance and total power being consumed.
A power plant it located on the bank of a river that is .5 miles wide. Wiring is to be laid across the river and then along the shore to a substation 8 miles downstream. It costs $12,000 per mile for underwater wiring adn $8,000 per mile for wiring on land. If $72,000 is to be spent on the project, how far from the substation should the wiring come to shore?
Draw the picture its a right triangle ΔABC A is where the power station is B is directly opposite the power station on the other bank so the right angle is at B C is where the wiring from the power station intersects the shoreline extend BC to D (where the substation is located) so AB 0.5 miles Mark BC x and mark CD 8 - x Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find an expression for AC (the length of underwater wiring): AC √(x? + 0.5?) AC √(x? + 0.25) Now the cost of underwater wiring 12000 √(x? + 0.25) the cost of the wiring along the shoreline 8000 (8 - x) the total cost allowed 72000 so 12000 √(x? + 0.25) + 8000 (8 - x) 72000 3 √(x? + 0.25) + 2 (8 - x) 18 3 √(x? + 0.25) + 16 - 2x 18 3 √(x? + 0.25) 2x + 2 Square both sides: 9 (x? + 0.25) 4x? + 8x + 4 9x? + 2.25 4x? + 8x + 4 5x? - 8x - 1.75 0 x [-b ± √(b? - 4ac)] / 2a x [8 ± √(64 + 35)] / 10 x [8 ± √99] / 10 x [8 + √99] / 10 [rejecting the negative possibility b/c the length of wiring is positive] so the distance from the substation to where the wiring comes to shore 8 - [8 + √99] / 10 6.2 miles (to 1 dec pl) btw If they want it left as an exact answer then do this: distance 8 - [8 + √99] / 10 [80 - 8 - √99] / 10 [taking a common denominator and be careful with the signs] [72 - √99] / 10 miles
I was driving and while turning into a parking lost my vehicle lost power. The car still was mobile but at a very slow pace. I pulled into the bank and turned off the car. I cranked the vehicle up and it worked just fine. However, I have been noticing for a week the car has been losing a little bit of power while driving for about a second and then works fine. What could be the issue?
2006 Hyundai Sonata Throttle Position Sensor
I have a durable power of attorney for my uncles financial affairs. I need to open a bank account for him with the document. What would I need to bring to the bank to exercise this authority and in order to deposit his check?
Go to the bank and ask them what will be required. Then go get whatever you need. If it is his Social Security check, you may need to visit a Social Security office and ask them to do direct deposit. It will also depend on whether he is of sound mind and how he has been managing up to now [affidavit from his doctor or the nursing home?]. I doubt he would have to be present, but if so, you may need to travel to his state and open the account in a bank near where he lives. The bank will tell you what to do.
How would you? Would you go to the 'Fed' Office and try to buy some stock? Do central banks have stock? If so, what are the powers of that stock? To elect the board? To control the entire Reserve? Explain in full detail.
Once upon a time some central banks were privately owned. However, all central banks of the major developed nations are NOT private. So, a private individual cannot own or control a central bank. In regards to the Federal Reserve, the controlling portion of the system is the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors does not issue stock and is not owned. It is 100% a government agency. All members of the Board of Governors are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Additionally, the Board is responsible for presenting the Federal Reserve's Annual Report to Congress. There are also additional requirements for the Board of Governors concerning reporting to Congress. The Federal Reserve System also consists of 12 district banks. These district banks do have stock, but that stock is different from standard corporate stock. First, in accordance with law, the only entities that are permitted to hold that stock are banks with U.S. national charters and some banks with state charters. The national banks are required by law to subscribe to the stock of the district bank that is responsible for the district they are located in. The amount of stock the national bank must subscribe to is set by law. The bank may hold no more and no less than the required amount. The stock does not confer any rights of ownership either. It is nothing more than a requirement of membership in the system.
(complete sentences please)
Shared Powers Of The Government