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TypeMode of jointsEquilateral hexagonal type component partsSizes of different partsHeight of not /Unit weightMaterialTechnical parameters
SJoints in the same directionThe claws of inner wall are T shapeSizes of different parts:In accordance with technical specifications of C8.3






There should be no cracks in the bent angles with a bent radius of R=2mm after the steel strip punched into shape All the structure in the component parts should be steady without anything loose. The mal-position of adjacent sides shall be not more than 0.3mm. The unevenness of component parts shall be less than 3mm/m2
S-1Joints in the same directionThere has n stclaws in the inner wall
S-2Joints in the contrary directionThere has claws in the inner wall
S-3Joins in the same directionThere has claws in the inner wall
S-4Joints in the same directionThere has claws in the inner wall

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Q:What type of welding machine is needed for 0.3 mm thick stainless steel welding? Hand welding. Do you need a wire feeder?
Stainless steel wire wire, one meter long, one like wire, as a bundle, according to their needs cut into the appropriate length.
Q:What type of argon arc welding wire is used in 1Cr13 stainless steel?
The general selection law of argon arc welding wire is better than or equal to the parent material, so you can use the 410 or 201 stainless steel wire welding wire can be, ten yuan a kilo, of course, if you pursue a better effect with 304 or more!
Q:Which is expensive, brushed stainless steel or mirror stainless steel?
The same thickness specifications, general grinding 8K, mirror processing will be more expensive.
Q:What is stainless steel edge silk?
The above mentioned standard, I dare not deny, but I don't know what you said stainless steel side silk, is not refers to stainless steel coil, in the processing, the remaining side silk material.
Q:What is the minimum diameter of stainless steel wire? Do you have a price smaller than 10 microns? Where can I sell it?
Industrial grade stainless steel wire can only reach 0.05mm, if you want to reach 10 microns, I'm afraid you have to find a special custom manufacturers. Good luck!
Q:Stainless steel how to make copper imitation drawing effect?
Draw the wire first, and then send it to the color. Look, the product you want is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel products, processing line is yao.
Q:How can I screw the stainless steel tube?
Self screws can be, is a bit slippery, unlike the iron pipe on some good moments
Q:What's the meaning of the 3 Series 4 series stainless steel wire?
Austenitic stainless steel is marked in figures 200 and 300,Ferritic and martensitic stainless steels are represented in figures of 400 series.
Q:What material of stainless steel screws is not easy to strip?
Aiming at this problem to strip stainless steel screw screw. Not just as simple as the customer thinks, producing screws by changing the screws and wires of the material. Although this is a better solution. But we still have to analyze and analyze. To find out the reason for the screw tooth, then an antidote against the disease.
Q:Anti loosening of stainless steel screw
Once encountered a customer, the company needs stainless steel screws need to be loose. Simply speaking, it is to make the stainless steel screws used in the product material, can make stainless steel screws will not light fall. Screws are required to be fastened together with the product material more tightly. There are two solutions for stainless steel screw looseness prevention. Next, present the following two solutions to prevent the looseness of stainless steel standard parts.

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