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Stainless Steel Plate And Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Plate And Stainless Steel Sheet

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1.Structure of Product Description

Cold rolled and hot rled Stainless steel sheet is widely used in the field of construction field and decoration field, etc. There are many different grades, such as: 200 series, 300 series, AND 400 /900/ SERIES, grade are as follows: 201, 202, 301, 304, 316, 410, 420, 430, etc.

The surface is including 8K, 2B, BA, Mirror Finish, Checkered, etc.

2. Main features of the product

a. Competitivebest rist-Class Service.

c. Shortest service.

3. Image.


Stainless Steel Plate And Stainless Steel Sheet


4. Product detailed sizes:

1000mm*2000mm,1000*1000,1200mm*1200mm,1250mm*2500mm,1500mm*3000mm, etc.

5. FAQ:

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006 or else.

What is the width range?

---It is from 500mm to 2500mm, etc.

What is the length range?

---It is from 2000mm to 6000mm, etc.

What is the MOQ for your products yet?

---Normally it is around 3 tons/each size.

How many tons did you export in one year?

---Normally it is around 9000 tons totally.

Where is your client from?

---Normally it is from Japan,canada,usa,uae,etc.

What is your mainly products?

---Normally they are stainless steel sheet, stainless steel coil, stainless steel checkered sheet, stainless steel mirror finished sheet, color coated stainless steel sheet, etc.


Q:Can stainless steel sheets be painted or coated?
Yes, stainless steel sheets can be painted or coated. However, it is important to properly prepare the surface by cleaning and applying a suitable primer before painting or coating to ensure adhesion and durability of the finish.
Q:What is the lifespan of stainless steel sheets?
The lifespan of stainless steel sheets can vary depending on various factors such as the grade of stainless steel used, the environment it is exposed to, and the level of maintenance it receives. However, with proper care and maintenance, stainless steel sheets can last for several decades or even longer.
Q:Can stainless steel sheets be used for chimney liners?
Yes, stainless steel sheets can be used for chimney liners. Stainless steel is a preferred material for chimney liners due to its durability, resistance to corrosion, and high-temperature tolerance. It is commonly used to line chimneys in order to protect the surrounding walls from heat and prevent the release of smoke and harmful gases into the living space. Stainless steel sheets are flexible and can be easily inserted into existing chimneys, making them a popular choice for chimney lining applications.
Q:Stainless steel plate more than the thickness of the wire can not be drawn ah?
Cold can be the basic drawing, cold always have 6, but can also be hot drawing due to the surface, the surface of the hot rolling drawing look is not obvious, many processing plants also willing to help you fill wire drawing, hot rolled board should be relatively large, artificial lift, so drawing up a lot of trouble....12 thick thought it should be no problem
Q:Can stainless steel sheets be recycled after use?
Stainless steel sheets are indeed recyclable once they have served their purpose. This material is highly recyclable and possesses qualities that make it perfectly suited for recycling. The process of recycling stainless steel entails melting the sheets to extract the raw materials, which can subsequently be utilized in manufacturing new stainless steel products. By recycling stainless steel, not only are we conserving natural resources, but we are also reducing energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases that are typically associated with the production of fresh stainless steel. Therefore, it is strongly advised to recycle stainless steel sheets in order to foster sustainability and promote the principles of a circular economy.
Q:What is the thickness range available for stainless steel sheets?
The thickness of stainless steel sheets varies depending on the specific type and grade of stainless steel. Typically, stainless steel sheets are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.4mm to 6.0mm. Thinner sheets are commonly utilized for flexible and lightweight applications, whereas thicker sheets are typically employed for structural purposes requiring increased strength and durability. It is worth mentioning that customized thicknesses can be manufactured to meet specific project requirements.
Q:What are the different types of stainless steel sheet alloys available?
There are several different types of stainless steel sheet alloys available, each offering unique properties and characteristics. Some of the most common stainless steel sheet alloys include: 1. Austenitic Stainless Steel: This type of stainless steel is the most widely used and versatile. It is non-magnetic and contains high levels of chromium and nickel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and good formability. Austenitic stainless steel alloys include 304 and 316 grades. 2. Ferritic Stainless Steel: Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic and contains high levels of chromium. It has good corrosion resistance and is typically less expensive than austenitic stainless steel. Common ferritic stainless steel alloys include 430 and 446 grades. 3. Martensitic Stainless Steel: Martensitic stainless steel is magnetic and contains high levels of carbon and chromium. It is known for its hardness and strength, making it suitable for applications requiring high wear resistance. Martensitic stainless steel alloys include 410 and 420 grades. 4. Duplex Stainless Steel: Duplex stainless steel is a combination of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, offering a balance of both their properties. It has increased strength and corrosion resistance compared to austenitic stainless steel. Common duplex stainless steel alloys include 2205 and 2507 grades. 5. Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel: Precipitation hardening stainless steel alloys are heat treatable and can achieve high strength levels. They contain elements such as copper, aluminum, or titanium, which form precipitates during heat treatment, resulting in increased strength. Common precipitation hardening stainless steel alloys include 17-4PH and 15-5PH grades. It is important to consider the specific requirements of your application when selecting a stainless steel sheet alloy, as each alloy has its own strengths and limitations.
Q:Are stainless steel sheets suitable for food display cases?
Yes, stainless steel sheets are highly suitable for food display cases. They have excellent hygiene properties, as they are resistant to corrosion and can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Stainless steel is also durable and can withstand frequent use and exposure to various temperatures. Additionally, its sleek and modern appearance adds an attractive and professional look to food display cases.
Q:What about black titanium stainless steel?
A black titanium stainless steel plate in recent years a large number of signs used in industry (the back of the board also has some kind of black ash), not the actual titanium plate, the layer of black and no titanium metal components, stainless steel should be black.
Q:Stainless steel plate how to distinguish between good and bad, there are several thick?
1. identification of imported or steel ordered stainless steel materials, usually only in accordance with the import or steel quality certificate, check the steel or packaging on the mark can be.The certificate of quality is the confirmation and guarantee of the inspection result of the product by the supplier. Therefore, the certificate of quality not only indicates the name, specifications, delivery number, weight and delivery status of the materials, but also the entire inspection results of the required guarantee items.

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