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In the processing and design of the mold, the quadrilateral and the single side of that advantage, where are there?
If all departments have been accustomed to four points in the words, it is recommended not to modify, and before we want to change the company, the result is a mess, especially the discharge department, the mold is big, the number of electrodes can not touch.There will be many unexpected conditions, ha ha... Must change, you can try, but the whole department should be highly coordinated, or you will be exhausted
How about the employment prospects of mold design and manufacturing?
According to the relevant person in charge, die students are not completed, there are many enterprises competing to book, in advance with students to negotiate. So far, the minimum monthly salary of enterprises is 3000 yuan, in the past there are die industry experience students, many enterprises were 100 thousand yuan annual salary, hired Dongguan senior mold talents, annual salary of 100 thousand. The latest news from the talent market in Dongguan, Dongguan, at least 3000 senior mould talent shortage, a trained in PRO/E, UG and other aspects of work experience in mold design, mold manufacturing and technical personnel, often more than 100 thousand yuan annual salary.
What are the necessary skills in mold design and manufacturing?
First of all, a wealth of mechanical knowledge, such as metal materials, mechanical coordination, engineering mechanics, mechanical manufacturing and so on.Manufacturing must have extensive experience in machining and fitter assembly.The core curriculum design and manufacture of professional mold and main practice: mechanical drawing, mechanical design, engineering materials and heat treatment, numerical control technology, mold manufacturing technology, plastic mold design and plastic mould design and stamping process and die design, plastic molding machine, mold, CAD/CAM mold price estimation, machining practice, fitter skill training, CNC machine operation training, mold skill training and graduation practice (Design), and the main characteristics of courses and PracticeMold design and manufacturing to master the basic training of mold design and manufacturing expertise, has strong practical ability, in the production of the first line in mold design, process design, mold manufacturing, mold maintenance, quality management, to adapt to mechanical mold industry production, management and service needs of the first line, high quality professional skills talents with good occupation ethics and innovative spirit.Training target of mold design and manufacturing specialty is to cultivate all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty, good occupation quality, manufacturing industry, advanced technology and specialized personnel engaged in mold design, process design, mold stamping and plastic molding processing, CNC machine tool operation and production management work. For manufacturing, to achieve the level of mold manufacturing technicians, design to achieve the level of assistant designers.
What is the best die design software available at the moment?
UG is mainly suitable for large cars and aircraft factories to build complex digital models, while PRO/E is mainly suitable for small and medium enterprises to rapidly build simpler digital models. In the more complex modeling, it is often no parameter is useful, I generally use PRO/E to start a relatively simple line frame, curved surface, and then go to UG inside the advanced surface of the establishment, chamfering. Most of the parameters have been deleted because of repeated changes to the product. The two software has its own advantages, and it should be mixed modeling to achieve the best results. When the parts are larger and more complex, the processing is done in UG, Cimatron, roughing and UG finishing.
What is the difference between mold design and mold manufacturing? Hard to learn?
The design is to draw the shape of the mold on paper or computer, and use two-dimensional images to express the three-dimensional mold. Manufacturing is the process of drawing a mold on a paper or computer by a lathe. Better spatial imagination! And junior high school does not matter, a lot of things you want to make up, or it is easy to fill.
What are the commonly used software for die design?
Unigraphics (referred to as UG) entered the mainland much later than PRO-E, but it is also the most advanced and high-end CAD/CAE/CAM software for manufacturing industry in the world today. UG software has been used by many of the world's leading manufacturers in industrial design, detailed mechanical design, and engineering. Today, UG has more than 17000 customers around the world. UG has been developing rapidly since entering the Chinese market in 90 years. It has become the first choice software in the fields of automobile, machinery, computer and home appliance, mould design, etc..Roughly PRO-ENGINEER, UG, AUTOCAD, MoldflowThe first two are 3D software, which can be used for sketch drawing, part making, assembly design, sheet metal design, processing and so on, so that users can choose and use according to their own needs. The biggest difference between the two should be parameterization.AUTOCAD is used for two-dimensional drawing, detailed drawing, design documents and basic 3D design.Moldflow is an analysis softwareThe design scheme can be simulated, evaluated and optimized. Reduce potential design mistakes, shorten product development cycle and reduce development cost
Mold design and manufacturing wages
It is learnt that, at present, China's mold enterprises generally encountered a shortage of talent, the shortage of qualified personnel has become a constraint to further improve the level of mold technology, mold industry further development bottleneck. Senior mechanic mould talent salary rose because many enterprises difficult to hire skilled personnel salary, leading to the rising trend, such as the general salary mold design professionals 3000 yuan, NC personnel monthly salary of 3500 yuan, with a monthly salary of senior workers design, processing, modeling the whole operation process of more than 5000 yuan, which skills are relatively good talent salary over a million yuan is not uncommon. According to the relevant person in charge, the students did not die graduation, there are many companies competing in advance booking, and student negotiation. So far, the enterprise out of the minimum monthly salary is 3000 yuan, the past have mold industry experience to students, many enterprises with an annual salary of 100 thousand yuan hired away. The latest news from the annual salary of 100 thousand Dongguan senior mould talent talent market in Dongguan, Dongguan, at least 3000 senior mold talent shortage, with a pass professional training in PRO/E, UG and other aspects of work experience in mold design, mold manufacturing and technical personnel, salary is more than 100 thousand yuan, according to the introduction, with Dongguan to build manufacturing city, corporate demand for mold talent growing, the existing mold design and numerical control technology can not meet the manufacturing industry in Dongguan demand. Mold design, mold development, mold maintenance, CAM/CNC engineers, CNC programming, CNC machining has become one of the highest recruitment positions in the Dongguan talent market. In all sorts of trick...
Which is good for mold design and manufacture and software?
I think AutoCAD is more convenient for two-dimensional graphics, Pro/E and UG tend to be more three-dimensional, and the two can also be converted into CAD format. For Pro/E, UG, the two can be converted, specifically with what kind of software, look at the kind of software you use the company, the south side of the UG used more