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S690QL1 steel high strength steel S690QL1    

S590Q, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, WQ690D, Q550D, WQ590D, WH70Q,WDB620E, WH785E

The content of elements - [maximum early

A maximum of 0.50 Mo Cu, a maximum of 0.70, maximum 0.06 Nb, 2 Ti Ni maximum,a maximum of 0.05, maximum 0.12 V, 0.15 Zr maximum

Executive standard: EN10025-6, I like GB/T16270-2009

S690Q used in the manufacture of low temperature resistance, high strength of thekey parts, construction machinery, mining machinery structure, is of high strengthstructural steel plate.

S690Q: the yield strength of sigma 0.2 > 690- > 650 MPa, S690Q: the ultimate tensile strength of B 770-940MPa, S690Q: extension rate greater than 14 Delta 5%, S690Q:-20 C V impact work vertical is greater than or equal to 30J. I like

S690Q high strength steel plate, quenching and tempering heat treatment method,main use: manufacturing of all kinds of mechanical engineering, such as various types of mines and construction projects for the drilling rig, excavator, electric wheel dump truck, mine car, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, various typesof hydraulic support in coal mine mechanical equipment and abrasion proof structure; widely used in petrochemical industry, power plants and other industries,for the production of separator, nuclear reactor pressure shell, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, hydropower station high pressure water pipe, water turbine voluteequipment and components

Plate for bridge: Q235qC Q345qC Q370qC Q420qC14MnNbq

Construction plate: Q235GJC Q345GJC Q390GJC Q420GJC Q460GJC

Shipbuilding: A B D E AH32/36 DH32/36 EH32/36 2hgr50 AH40 DH40 EH40

Grinding plate: S48-50 P20 718 WSM30A P80A 6388: X50 X56 X60 X65 pipeline steel X70

Wear resistant steel plate: NM360 NM400

High strength steel WH70Q WQ590DQ550D

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Q:Can the steel surface be made of epoxy resin flooring?
According to the characteristics of epoxy resin, it should be possible
Q:What's the difference between the three kinds of pickling plate, cold rolled plate and hot rolled plate?
Hot rolled plate: that is, steel plate rolled at 800 degrees or so at high temperature
Q:Is galvanized steel plate fire-resistant?
Galvanized steel is mainly antiseptic, and he has no fire protection
Q:How much is 2 millimeters per square meter?
With the development of science and technology and industry, put forward higher requirements on the materials, such as high strength, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, corrosion resistance, wear and other special physical and chemical properties, carbon steel has not fully meet the requirements.
Q:Stainless steel plate and steel welding
With almost 2.5 of the welding, and certainly not the same as before the color. You can buy acid lotion passivation, and then washed with water, basically with stainless steel, the original color is not much
Q:What material can be replaced by 345D steel plate?
Higher than its level of material of steel plate can replace.Q345D. yield in more than 345 of the steel.D class -20 degree of shock. Can replace the Q370D.Q390D.Q420D.Q460D.Q550D.Q690D., generally in engineering machinery can be higher generation low
Q:Excuse me, what's the difference between cold rolled steel plate and hot plate in steel plate?
In general, cold rolled steel has better strength, hot rolled steel plate has better ductility. The general thickness of cold rolled is relatively small, can have a larger thickness. Cold rolled steel plate surface quality, appearance and dimensional accuracy than the hot plate, and the thickness of the product right rolling thin to about 0.18mm, so it is popular for. The acceptance of the products, can ask professional personage.
Q:What welding rod should be used for welding of cast iron and Q235B steel plate?
Such as outdoor and field construction, should be relatively closed work environment, do a good job of wind work, reduce air flow. Two. Use acetylene torch to preheat the welding and its surrounding parts, and then weld them to a temperature. Three, welding side edge knocking release and eliminate stress. Four, slow cooling is correct, after welding torch with air flow slow heating, avoid welding temperature drop.
Q:What is a water stop steel plate?
Steel plate sealing strip, also called water stopping steel plate. The horizontal and vertical members of the building basement can not be poured at once. Generally, a horizontal construction joint is placed on the base plate back to the 300mm position, and a water stop steel plate is arranged at the construction joint position. The steel plate is usually 400mm wide and half buried in the old and new concrete.
Q:Why should the back of the steel sheet pile cofferdam be pumped after the construction of the pile cap?
The appearance of surface defects of steel sheet pile, length, width, thickness, end rectangle ratio, flatness and lock shape content of inspection, do not meet the requirements of steel sheet pile is corrected, in order to reduce the difficulties in piling process.

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