Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication with Zinc Plating

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$0.05 / pc
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2000pieces pc
Supply Capability:
5000 Piece/Pieces Per Month pc/month

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Quick Details Of  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly


Material Stainless steel, iron , aluminum alloy, red copper, brass, bronze alloy are available.
Quality ControlISO9001:2008


Specification Of  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly


Material Stainless steel, iron ( SPCC, SECC, SPTE, tinplate), aluminum alloy, red copper, brass, bronze alloy are available.
 Surface TreatmentPowder coating, zinc plate ,polish
workshop for mnufacture CNC Laser Cutting ,Stamping, Punching , Bending, turning ,Welding, roll-in, surface treatment, and other General Fabrication Service
processing center

Stamping machine;

Rolling machine;

Turning machine;

Milling machine;

Grinding machine

 Workmanship for manufacturing CNC Laser Cutting ,Stamping, Punching , Bending, turning ,Welding, roll-in, surface treatment, and other General Fabrication Service


Our Advantage For  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly

1. Handling components of very tight tolerance and very complex geometry

2. Low MOQ (1pc is even acceptable in some special conditions)

3. Offering free and quick prototyping ( normally 1 week)

4. Delivery on time

5. Top quality guaranteed by skilled workers, managing system and status of facilities.

6. A series of secondary service available, like casting; forging; welding; heat treatment etc.

7. Offering consultancy service on components machining

8. Customized size and spec /OEM available

9. Near Ningbo and Shanghai, convenient transportation


Packaging & Delivery Of  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly


1.Packaging:with the pallet  or do as your need .


2.Delivery : according to your order quantity .



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I'm telling you, industrial design is a foreign term, literally translated from English Industrial Design. In our country, it was called industrial art design, product modeling design, product design and so on. In recent years, unity has been called industrial design". In 1980, the International Council of industrial design for the definition of the industrial design for mass production of industrial products, with training, technology, experience and visual experience, to give the product to the material, structure, shape, color, surface processing and decorated with new quality and performance. When industrial designers are required to work on packaging, publicity and market development, and also to provide their own technical knowledge and experience, they also belong to the category of industrial design. The core of industrial design is product design. The mass production of industrial products, whether daily consumer goods or production materials, belongs to the category of industrial design. Such as: daily-use ceramics, glassware, stationery, furniture; all kinds of household appliances; machine tools, medical equipment, computer, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle; train, plane, ship building and interior and exterior decoration. Industrial design is the inevitable product of modern industry and market competition, which is designed to target the industrialized methods of mass production products, industrial design has a tremendous impact on the modern human life, reality and constrained by the level of production and life. Industrial design process can be divided into the collection and selection of information, the selection of product goals, the idea of product image, the formulation of research and development plans, product specific design these stages. Industrial design involves not only a series of traditional disciplines, such as material...
Q:Learn die design, what information books to buy good?
[[]] technology mechanical national standard mechanical drawing CAD.Rar AutoCAD2000 engineering drawing print skills.Pdf practical tutorial AutoCAD2000.Pdf cad-V17V18 Unigraphics.rar CAD in the bus in the mold production and application of.Pdf CAXA tutorial FLASH.rar CAXA entity design V2 training tutorial.Doc CAXA entity design V2 training tutorial.Rar CAXA Manufacturing Engineer (including XP training course the example file).Rar machining CAXA Manufacturing Engineer XP training tutorial case containing parts of.Rar CAXA Manufacturing Engineer solid modeling of generating surface cutter method.Pdf Cdrs.Pdf Cimatron Chinese tutorial example entry -.Rar MoldWizard.Rar MasterCAM surface peo-e-2001 surface design manual.Doc.Pdf PRO-E2001 simplified version Chinese tutorial.Pdf Pro-Engineer basic manual.Rar Pro-E parts based on the.Pdf design articles Pro-E part Design Basic.Pdf pro-nc three.Pdf Pro_ENGINEER milling machine parts processing. Design of.Rar ProE 2000i (under) the development and application of advanced features.Pdf ProE 2000 more columns (30 papers).Rar proe2.0 V1.1.proe2.0relation-02.avi proe2.0 Chinese installation manual Chinese installation manual V1.1.proe2.0relation-04.avi ProEngineer 2000i.Pdf ProEngineer Drawing industrial design tutorial tutorial.Rar PROE the parameters of a detailed description of.Doc ProE basic manual proebasic.rar proe processing...
Q:PLC programming in mold design and automation control
It depends on your hobby! Automatic control is high, but the practical application of the theory of knowledge is not long. The key is experience, unless you're rocket! When you get to the actual job, you know it's not as theoretical as you think, but the theory determines your altitude! I am not abrasive you think is intuitive, if they say to you like the abrasive is too simple, after all he is a subject inside there are many things that you do not line, also need to learn a lot of Kung fu!
Q:some one About mould problem
First, the mold design, you must understand the entire mold processing technology, so you must understand the mold addition processSecond, the price of the mold is not certain, some thousands, some millions
Q:Mold design and manufacturing wages
Mold design and manufacturing".Mold design and manufacturingMold design and manufacturing, refers to the mold processing technology and production and maintenance. In order to cultivate advanced technical talents of mold design and manufacture, graduates can be required design and manufacture molds and tooling enterprises engaged in the production, assembly and debugging, mold enterprise operation and management. Main courses: mechanical drawing, mechanical design and foundation, die design and manufacturing, mold design and manufacturing, NC technology and programming, mold processing machinery, electrical and electronic technology, hydraulic and pneumatic drive, metal cutting principle, mechanical CAD/CAM etc..Study life: 3 yearsProfessional core competencies:1, cold die, plastic mold design and manufacture;2 、 mold manufacturing equipment installation, commissioning, use and maintenance;3, product development and design.
Q:Stamping die design and manufacturing thinking and exercises, mold processing relative to the general parts of what features?
The shape is complex and the machining accuracy is high
Q:What are the majors of NC machining and die design? Specific point
NC machining and mould design of the mould manufacturing industry mainly for professional jobs, mainly engaged in CNC machining CNC machining center, CNC lathe and wire cutting CNC programmer or operator; mold design is mainly engaged in product design, reverse engineering, mold design, mold 2D qualifying and mould modification design, die design follow up and die etc..
Q:Major in mold design and manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing and automation
Two major are good, this is mainly to see your future development. The mould mainly divides into the die-casting mold, the extrusion mold and so on, I undergraduate course material specialty, the graduation project is the die casting mold, the graduate student is the mechanical manufacture and the automation specialty. The south is very popular, talent shortage, wages are also high, the northern mold talent a lot, went to the south development, so the northern talent is also very tight. Mold profession can also own business, such a lot of people. But the mold industry has a drawback is that large domestic enterprises less, because the mold is not a small investment in entrepreneurship, and therefore a lot of small enterprises. In fact, the sense of self is better suited to entrepreneurship or as a process designer. Machinery manufacturing and automation professional outlook is not a problem, but also a large number of large enterprises at home and abroad, they can also come out to start their own business, the work of a wide range of applications. Compared to the two, the mold is more specialized, is very popular, wages higher than the machinery industry, talent more tight. Mechanical manufacturing and automation professional application of more extensive, and it covers the mold of the professional extrusion mold, but also in the study of mechanical professional research focused on extrusion die. Both are suitable for self employment. If I choose, I feel I can have two choices. 1 if you want to graduate, majored in mechanical better, because the general undergraduate professional knowledge involves a wide shallow after graduate and then focuses on the extrusion die, so that professional knowledge than the general mold and mechanical graduates to deep, other work can do. 2. if you want undergraduates to work directly...
Q:How about the employment prospects of mold design and manufacturing?
According to reports, with the manufacturing city of Dongguan to build, enterprises demand more and more talented people mold, the existing mold design and CNC technology talent is far from meeting the needs of the manufacturing sector in Dongguan. Mold design, mold development, mold maintenance, CAM/CNC engineers, CNC programming, CNC machining has become one of the highest recruitment positions in the Dongguan talent market. In all kinds of recruitment, talent is also keen to mold enterprise marked "urgent", "recruiting" one of the few posts, so that the monthly salary of 6000 yuan to hire NC technicians, the annual salary of 160 thousand yuan to recruit skilled workers die "phenomenon.
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Metal material engineeringObjective: to cultivate a basic knowledge of materials science and engineering and in advanced metal materials and inorganic non-metallic materials, energy and environmental materials, composite functional materials are engaged in the design, processing and other aspects of technology and management personnel; engaged in new materials and new technology research and development personnel; personnel engaged in composite products, quality inspection the inspection and management of senior.Main courses: mechanical drawing and design, physical chemistry, material science, basic principle, material processing material corrosion and surface technology, material properties, heat treatment of materials, energy engineering, energy materials, environmental materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, functional materials, composite materials, nano materials, materials of modern detection technology, process and die design, computer aided design, electrical and electronic technology, enterprise management, graduation design and thesis.
MOULDSZ is a versatile manufacturing factory - we specialise in supplying products made to customers` specification. The most important areas of our business are: manufacturing of stamping parts,hardware parts,shrapnels,stamping parts made of aluminium, copper & stainless steel, etc. Also auto parts,household applience spare parts like wash machine,air condition,refrige etc.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Suzhou, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$ 2.5 Million - US$ 5 Million
Main Markets Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Central, America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, South Asia, Domestic Market
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department less than 50 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: about 500 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High; Average