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How to distinguish cold formed section steel and hot rolled section steel?
Cold-formed steel is one of many varieties of steel in the strip width, under normal temperature conditions after the roll, a group of vertical deformation gradually, to meet the requirements of the use of shape and size, then determine the size of the corresponding shear length. This product is cold-formed steel. Of course, it is also possible to obtain cold-formed steel by stamping, bending or drawing. But the roll bending forming method is suitable for industrial production in large quantities. Its product quality, processing cost and production efficiency are incomparable with other methods, and it is the main production process of cold-formed steel. If the equipment is equipped with welding equipment (such as high-frequency welding, argon arc welding, etc.), it can also produce cold rolled steel with closed section.
What does "M" mean?
Section steel is a strip steel with definite section shape and size. It is one of the four big kinds of steel (plate, tube, mould, wire). According to the section shape, the section steel is divided into simple section steel and complex section steel (deformed steel).
What kind of steel is used in steel columns?
Compared with other steel piles, steel pipe piles have their own advantages in many aspects, such as long joint welding, single pile bearing capacity, bending rigidity and penetration ability.
What does "BH" mean?
BH is welded to H just, and RH is hot rolled H steel.
What is special steel?
Reinforcing bars for reinforced concreteIs a small type steel reinforced concrete. Including hot rolled round steel bar and prestressed concrete with reinforced concrete, thermal cold rolled steel. Steel reinforcement strip. In addition, also known as the other thread steel. Because the steel in rolling surface of rolled thread handle or reinforcement, steel reinforced concrete is in the construction industry reinforced. According to the material yield point and tensile strength, I, II, III and IV grade steel. The steel bars are used directly. The rebar, reinforced concrete to stress by heat treatment after heat treatment of high strength, but does not apply to steel welding and spot welding, reinforced by 40Si2Mn, 48Si2Mn, 45Si2Cr etc. steel after heat treatment is made, nominal diameter 6, 8.2, 10 mm. Cold rolled ribbed bar with Q215, Q235, 24MnTi steel, nominal diameter 4-12 mm. Steel after heat treatment should be rolled into plate, to heat treatment delivery.
What are the common types of profiled steel?
Section steel is divided into two types: simple section steel and complex section steel.Simple section steel: steel, wire rod, square steel, flat steel, six angle steel, triangular, elliptical steel, steel arch steel, etc..
Elastic modulus of section steel
Generally speaking, the elastic body exerts an external function, and the elasticity experiences the change of the shape (called strain). The general definition of the elastic modulus is that the stress is divided by the strain. When the material is in the elastic deformation stage, its stress and strain should be changed into a positive proportion (that is to say, according to Hooke's law), and the coefficient of proportionality is called the elastic modulus.
Can the section steel butt joint in the end?
Bolt connection also requires lining plate, pay attention to bolt size, quantity and spacing. To calculate whether thin-walled steel itself will be crushing, the solution is solder paste board, and bolt holes. The principle is that the strength of the butt joint is not weaker than that of other parts, and there is no greater stress.