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Product Description:

The layer: single、double、multilayer

The thickness of the insulating layer:Conventional plate

Flame retardant properties:VO plate

Base material:FR4

Insulation materials: Organic resin

The processing technology: Electrolyticfoil

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Q:What are the circuit board material?
General printed board substrate materials can be divided into two categories: rigid substrate materials and flexible substrate materials.
Q:Why does the FPC circuit board have positive and negative layers?
More than FPC (flexible plate), PCB also has a positive and negative layer.
Q:What is the difference between a drill and a two drill in the PCB type?
The two drill must be behind a drill, that is to say the process is separate.
Q:What is green in the circuit board?
There are many kinds of classification methods of copper clad laminate. According to the general board reinforced with different materials can be divided into: paper base, glass fiber cloth, composite base (CEM Series), build up multilayer plate base and special material (ceramic, metal core based) five categories. According to the different resin adhesive used in the classification, the common paper based CCI. There are: phenolic resin (XPc, XxxPC, FR 1, FR 2, etc.), epoxy resin (FE a 3), polyester resin and other types. Glass cloth CCL common epoxy resin (FR 4, FR 5), it is the most widely used type of glass fiber cloth at. In addition to other special resin (glass fiber cloth, poly amide fibers, non-woven fabrics and other materials to increase): bismaleimide modified three triazine resin (BT), polyimide resin (PI), two phenylene ether resin (PPO), maleic anhydride imide - styrene resin (MS), poly isocyanate ester resin, polyolefin resin etc..
Q:Engraving machine how to choose the circuit board?
Third, the maximum operating speed refers to the speed of the X, Y axis movement. In fact, the circuit board engraving process, the circuit board engraving machine speed is very low, then why should we emphasize this indicator? A high speed represents the driving ability of the motor, which allows it to move fast, it can make a quick stop, on the other hand also represents the assembly track, screw parallel relationship, small damping, will not affect the accuracy.
Q:What are the circuit board display devices?
The name of the circuit board is: circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high frequency board, thick copper plate, impedance board, PCB, ultrathin circuit board, ultrathin circuit board, printing (copper etching technology) circuit board, etc.. The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturization and intuitive, and plays an important role in the mass production and optimization of the electrical layout of the fixed circuit. Circuit board can be called printed circuit board or printed circuit board, English name (Printed Circuit Board) PCB.
Q:What is a circuit board milling machine? And numerical control which is easier?
But if the processing circuit board substrate, the accuracy can be up to standard, it is very cost-effective, which itself has a simple numerical control.
Q:What materials are needed in PCB plant?
General rigid substrate material is an important variety of copper clad laminate. It is used for reinforcing material (Reinforeing Material), impregnated with resin adhesive by drying, cutting, laminating blank, and then covered with copper foil, as die steel, in the hot press with high temperature and high pressure forming process and made. Generally used in the semi - thick plate, is the copper clad plate in the production process of semi-finished products (mostly glass cloth impregnated with resin, after drying).
Q:The difference between soft PCB and rigid PCB
Soft PCB, like rigid PCB, has a terminal pad, which eliminates the wire stripping and lining, thereby saving the cost. The terminal pad and the components and devices, plug connection, welding or soldering can be used to replace each wire soldering.
Q:What is the raw material of FPC?
1, flexible circuit board (flexible printed circuit board) flexible circuit board (flexible printed board): English Flexible Printed Circuit, abbreviation FPC, commonly known as soft board. The definition of flexible circuit board IPC-T-50 is a printed circuit board substrate using flexible single-layer, double-layer or multilayer production line, can have a covering layer (solder layer), also can not cover layer (solder layer). GB GB/T2036-94 "printed circuit terminology" 2.11 on flexible printed board (FPC) is explained: the use of flexible substrate made of printed boards, with or without flexible cover.

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