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Help? What is this on my window seal?
try it and see
I‘ve prepared a plastic container with a couple of holes. Can I use potting soil instead of vermiculite? will the eggs be lack of oxygen if i close the lid?
Potting soil is fine. Just remember that red eared slider eggs must stay face up. Hard to explain but do not move it's placement. For example, Keep the side of the eggs that was facing up, actually facing up. So if you put a dot on top of the egg and move the egg to your potting soil, make sure that dot is facing up.
Bought a female bearded dragon a month and half ago from an aquarium place, no one informed us she was expecting, came home and there is a bunch of eggs in her tank, don‘t know when she had them but apparently some time today, don‘t have and incubator or anything like vermiculite, or sand to use wondering what else i could use and if the eggs are okay and if not what can i do about them as every site says not to throw eggs in the garbage not that I want i‘m just not familiar with the hatching process.
if you didn't know the eggs are probably infertile.
I am planning on growing some psilocybe cubensis. (Leave me alone, I know it‘s illegal)The last batch I tried with a vermiculite and rye seed substrate didn‘t allow the fruit bodies to grow to their full potential, the strain I have should grow to a good 6 or 7 inches, instead, the most mature ones are only about 3 or 4, and I have plenty of aborts. What kind of substrate combo could you suggest for a better yield?
have you tried growing it first with artificial medium? like PDA, SPDA or even OMA.then after that try to scrape such to an animal **** for mass production or else instead of rye use those dried farm animal shits.they carried such nutrients pslocybe needed
I have a tomato plant that is flourishing...perhaps too questions is ..can I create new plant from trimmings from my original one?I am in Southern Cal
Lowes usually has vermiculite and perlite.
Besides spores obviously.More along the lines of soil composition, climate and how exactly to plant them.
mushrooms are a fungus, so they primarly decompose carbohydrates. First with mushrooms you must have a root system grown called the mycelium, from their they NEED a shady, warm, moist environment. and they grow right off the root system. You could probably find out more information online :D!
I am propagating AV's and was told I need a mix of both and I am just trying to figure out why.
I just saw this on TV this morning,1 part cement,1 part sand,2 parts peat moss. You can use vermiculite or sand.
Hey, I live in Nashville, Tennesse and I‘ve found a five-lined skink - whom I believe is a young juvenile - and have been taking of it so far with the basic tropical kit from Zilla products. I leave the heatlamp on for about twelve hours a day and mist his tank with a spray bottle of water to maintain a humidity of around 60-80. I‘ve also got him this miniature mountain that goes to his water bowl. Their is a cave inside of the mini-mountain that he enjoys to go in. Other than that, he‘s either eating crickets (so far the only thing I‘ve been giving him, thinking of introducing him to waxworms and mealworms?), roaming around the surface of the mulch and climbing around xD, or tunneling underground ooSo what do you guys think - do I have a good set up for him? Any tips or suggestions? Am I doing something wrong or forgetting something? Anything I should prepare for or whatever? D
Ceramic just means the plates that heat up are harder. It has never really bothered my hair. Ionic is just little molecules that get energized when you heat it up that keep your hair from getting frizzy. Just be sure to put alot of condioner in your hair before you straighten.