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Product Description:

Specification of Cement





Chemical test


Loss on Ignition


2.0 ÷ 4.0


Insoluble Residue


0.3 ÷ 2.5




19.0 ÷ 22.0




4.0 ÷ 6.0




2.5 ÷ 3.5




61.0 ÷ 67.0




1.0÷ 4.0




1.6÷ 2.2


Free lime


0.3 ÷ 1.5


Toltal alkali, (Max)




(C3S + C2S), (Min)




C3A, (Max)


2.5 ÷ 3.5


C4AF, (Max)


7 ÷ 11


False Set, (Min)




Chloride, (Min)




Physiscal test

9 ÷ 11


Fineness Blaine, ( Min)




Soundness: Lecateller test, ( Max)




Air content or mortar


5 ÷ 10


Autoclave Expansion

0.03 ¸ 0.20


Setting time, (Vicat test)




110 ¸ 160

200 ÷ 300


Compressive Strength

3 days, (Min)

7 days, (Min)

28 days, (Min)





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Q:What's best for cement walls?
Go to you local home store and get a concrete sealer/primer. Put that on first. Then you will have nearly unlimited color options for a finish coat of paint.
Q:Can you place stone tile over cement?
If I get what your trying to do is put an OUTSIDE stone pavers or similar outside stone product down over an old, very ugly, cement patio. Both previous answers would be correct if you were putting tile down INSIDE. Actually you can't put inside tile over cement either. I'm very sorry to tell you this, but you need to remove the old pavement first.The new stone has to sit on a sand or forgiving stable base otherwise it will never last and just constantly move on you. Remove the cement, level the area, put down a sand mixture for patio stones(easy to find), rent a vibrating stamper to help settle the stones in place, cover with more sand and sweep with a broom to fill the gaps between the stones, vibrate again, broom again etc. until gaps are filled and you are all set. The pavement should break no problem with a sledge hammer, problem is disposing of it. If it doesn't break easy, rent an electric jack hammer. They're not hard to work with, and will save your arms, trust me, I know from experience .
Q:What do I need to do to add a concrete brick wall to a concrete brick building with cement floor?
clean the floor where the wall will be with muriatic acid be sure to wear a mask to protect you from the fumes, then place anchors of some type in the motar joints of the existing walls that you are tying to that is all the support you will need,approx. every 3 joints or layers.
Q:what dise cemented mean ?
No,,,, cemented is a natural occurrence where sands and or gravels ly mixed together under ground and slowly become cemented together over a long time period to become a solid mass. What he described above is how to make cement.
Q:Can I use sand under cement blocks and/or slabs? Will it sink?
You are going have to put some form of bedding like crushed stone under the sand first sand itself won't do the job as for cement that won't do either using concrete is the preferred method again laying on a bedding of crushed stone you don't specify the area you want to cover over so all I can say is you will need to excavate the area firstly to a depth of 6 inches minimum that will allow for 2 inches of crushed stone a weed blocker/plastic sheeting 2 inches of sand and cement dry mix and using a slab 2 inches deep to rest on there.Also a slight slope will need to be made to allow surface water run away from house and not be allowed flow back towards your patio.If you decide to use concrete again cut out 6 inches of ground and 3 inches of crushed stone weed blocker and a concrete slab when pouring concrete try to keep it semi dry,too much water is not good as when concrete drys it shrinks and can cause cracking later,I don't think you would have to re-inforce it as you won't be using the car on there ok.
Q:making a cement platform?
M R is correct in his answer. try setting the post in a concrete footing, then using a medium/fine mulch around the tee and the basket
Q:How do I stop sweating cement floors?
Maybe an epoxy coating, if you can get it to stick on the wet concrete. Otherwise, consider a plastic vapor barrier, with foam pad and a floating floor above. Building codes now require a plastic vapor barrier underneath concrete slabs to prevent this problem. They didn't know to do this back then, that's why your old concrete slab is sweating. It actually lets a lot of moisture into your house, and I think it makes the floor cold in winter, too.
Q:My friend punched a cement column and...?
Hell yes, he could have bruided his hand. He could have broken his hand! If you are not trained in First Aid, don't bother, you could do more harm that good trying to treat him (and in most US States, persons not trained in First Aid that render same are liable for damages they do). If he thinks he needs medical treatment (and he very well may, depending on how HARD he hit the column. Now, could he have ruptured a major blood vessel? Unlikely, but if he is concerned, he should go either to a local clinic, or the local Hospital. Drawback is, if the two of you are minors, he'll require his parent's signature/approval for the treatment...and it likely won't be too inexpensive. Good Luck!
Q:how is strength of cement mixture affected when mixed with sand ?
we assume the cement (Portland cement) is of the correct ratio. we also assume we are talking about compressive strenght when we have just enough cement to fill the spaces between the rock we have reached the maximum strength. number 2. is no good as it reacts with the cement mixture number 4. allows for compression and cracking of the cement. number 3. .....pits i dont know what is pits number 1. is the same as rock ......the best here so .... the order my guess ....... 2,4,1
Q:I would like to ask: inside the building materials, water-based products, cement-based products What does this mean?
The two names of the track management of the fly to read the return of herbs, is the classification of infiltration of crystalline waterproof material. Need more detailed content, their search to Google, readily available.

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