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....i should just glue my mouth shut...
Nope, ruined your robot
can you introduce me used or reconditioned agriculturally used machinery in usa.?
There are dozens of equipment auctions all over the USA. Google Farm Equipment Auction and you should get many hits.
I'm specifically looking for training on heavy machinery such as bulldozers, backhoes cranes etc. The courses are given in montreal but there's a 10 year wait. If you know of any sort of training course of the sort in the 613 area code, please let me know. Thanks
Try okorder /
Mechanical equipment (automation equipment) What is the composition of the material, is steel or iron or other?
Do not know whether to use machining or forging, casting can process such complex parts and high precision, so I would like to ask where this technology is high, where the plant or the company more.
I remember a famous economist said that. Poor countries are economically advantaged to use manual labor instead of advanced technology so that they can employ everyone.
If that's a famous economist, he's a stupid, famous economist. Pure poppycock. Productivity matters. That famous economist failed Econ 101. Is it leftist darling Paul Krugman? The guy who ignored the basic fact that all wealth destruction is bad and declared the 9/11 rebuilding in NYC a positive economic event?
What would happen if machinery is sold for less than book value?
You record a loss: Say you sell PPE for $5 but book value is $13 (say you bought it for $20 and have accumulated depreciation of $7). You would record: Cash $5 Acc Dep $7 ______Loss on Sale of PPE $8 ______PPE $20 This loss decreases your net income and also shows up as an add-back in your statement of cash flows from operations.
Do Machinery Repairman (MR) in navy get assigned to subs?
Submarines are voluntary.
What machinery/tools are need to make custom guns?
It depends upon what all you are wanting to do. Just building ARs from stock parts takes some screw drivers, punches, barrel wrench, castle nut wrench, upper and lower blocks and a vise. You would also need a trigger jig for an AR to be able to tune triggers or even make them safe. To take barrels from a blank, you would need a lathe and chamber cutter. To make receivers or other parts from steel, you would need a milling machine. You may also need engraving tools if you plan on engraving any of the guns. A hot bluing tank could come in handy if you want to do any metal work. You should probably have a setup to do phosphate coating too. If you plan on doing any stock work, you would need a good selection of wood working tools. You would also need various jigs, dies and wrenches specifically for each model of firearm that you work on. There is not really any set list since it is so dependent upon what you want to do.