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Do the handrail flower flower ten flowers or more or more twelve flowers
Young people do handrails 10 flowers, 12 flowers is used for the elderly
Who used soap dispenser? Does it really be convenient for home use?
First, the soap dispenser is not used for laundry. Under normal circumstances, on the bathroom, wash hands can be used. And now there is a new type of soap dispenser is full of foam, wash your hands and get a little on the hands of it, smell fragrance, feeling good. Thank you for your support for soap dispenser 99!
What brand of soap is good? In the choice of soap dispenser is how to choose?
I usually do not have soapy night, we all use the laundry liquid, has been with the blue moon, the effect is good.
The same problem, the water at home is divided into domestic water and pure water two kinds of water supply. Buy sink is with soap dispenser, since that soap dispenser is not much use, want to put pure water in the soap dispenser position. I do not know properly, doubts there are two, 1, pure water faucet installed in this position with the water supply pipe connection there is no problem. 2, the location of the soap dispenser is suitable for pure faucet, it is said that the pure faucet smaller diameter.
It would be more practical if the workers were to play an eye in the corner of the sink and then put on a pure faucet.
How to install a faucet in the sink's soap dispenser position (hole diameter 20mm)?
You can drill with a glass drill
What brand of soap dispenser is better?
Choose soap dispenser, a working principle, is manual or induction, two, choose the material, plastic or stainless steel
My house just finished renovation, the kitchen sink soap device, is the copper of the two-stage, there are two kinds of steel balls. But very strange is that I installed in the bottle of detergent (Li Bai Jiang juice the kind of), tried several times out of detergent. And then use other things to replace the detergent, including water, hand sanitizer, shampoo and even alcohol can be normal (jet) out, except for detergent can not, against the other, The water does not work (unless diluted to the same water). Ask Fangjia, how to solve?
I also encountered the same problem with you, the reason is very simple, the soap dispenser that press the tube out, the air inside the exhausted, and then resolved, you can smooth out the detergent.
What are the benefits of soap dispenser, home improvement is necessary?
It is recommended to get one, after the demolition of the hole can also be installed water purifier faucet.