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Product Description:

201 304 stainless steel cutlery

Advantage Of 201 304 stainless steel cutlery

1.GoodQuality :We have strict quality control system .Good reputation in the market.
2.Competitive price: We always support our customers’ business with competitiveprice.
3.Good Service : We treat clients as friend.
4.Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well.
OEM Accepted : We would be glad to help develop your new design product item.

Usage Of 201 304 stainless steel cutlery

Family used, hotel,restaurant, wedding party, supermarket, retail shop, promotion, gift etc.
Our factory supply all kinds of stainless steel tableware, west tableware,cutlery set, gifts tableware,Kitchen utensils,Kitchen knives, variety,exquisite workmanship, beautiful and practical, suitable for restaurants orhome use, made of high quality stainless steel and high quality, of theproduction process can be high temperature sterilization, used for a long time,plans to welcome new and old customers to sample processing customized, we willwith the fastest speed to reward all the customers the best quality!

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Q:Necessary to buy imported baby portable tableware?
If domestic is unsafe, then buy imports, imports of materials to do better, the design is good also, of course, price is a little higher than that of domestic, I bought it to koalas on the sea for Canada Vital Baby Baby portable tableware, more than 50 pieces, you can also accept!
Q:Hello, disposable crystal tableware can make money
Tableware is quantity of the industry, although a single set of profit is very small, but start quantity, its profit is very big still, because the restaurant someone to eat every day, and each person have to consume a set of tableware, an ordinary small restaurant at least a day to search for hundreds of sets of tableware, you develop a few more restaurants, food stalls,
Q:How do you put the dishes on the table
The world's advanced western banquet table is the basic unified. The common principle is: 1, pad plate center, fork left knife right, point upwards, blade inward. 2, pre-market cross keys, staple food left, tableware, on the right put the rest of the equipment as appropriate. 3 equals the number and type of drink, wine glasses, pendulum method, from left to right in turn set high glass, wine glass, champagne glass, beer mug. 4 napkin on the plate, western food, if the guests have not yet settled before need to put some items into the plate, napkin on the side.
Q:Trouble masters look at you what brand of wooden tableware is this???????
There is a little flavor of Japanese cartoon too much.German WMF. Italian Sambonet. Shun tai road, heep WNK (a good).
Q:Tableware disinfection can profit
Open tableware disinfection companies can make how many money? Centralized recovery of tableware cleaning, disinfection, drying, packaging, storage, and then distributed to each staff focus on dining place such as restaurants, hotels, this is the tableware disinfection companies across the country have set up. Tableware disinfection companies can earn, the following is a quasi open tableware disinfection cleaning distribution center boss do a market survey: Small and medium-sized cities have more than 30 villages and towns, there are more than four hundred catering enterprises. In a local investment tableware disinfection companies, need to about 5, 80000 yuan investment, such as gradually occupy about 10% of the local market,
Q:Accidentally use detergent to wash the dishes, what's the remedy
Ingredient in the detergent is phosphorus, can be more bubble wash good, if economic conditions rich in new directly, need not struggle,,, wish you a happy life.
Q:Haagen-dazs ice cream package?
Should be very expensive, several hundred yuan, but the great.Tableware is new, if you have a collection of all kinds of tableware nut, can choose the dining room go straight left a few seats, that is the back door, the other I not say ha!
Q:A dinner set of international standards include?
(3) fork type, there are four kinds of commonly used also: (1) dinner (knife and fork teeth longer) with a fork; (2) seafood with a fork; 3. Salad and fish with a fork; (4) fruit fork (without the fork, can use the salad fork instead of). (4) the key class, there are three kinds of commonly used: (1) tablespoon (round to drink soup, drink clear soup with oval); (2) the dessert spoon (cereal for breakfast and eat parfait iced tea with); (3) coffee spoon. (5) assist with the tableware of: other public shovel spoon, clip vegetables, sugar, bread, soup seasoning with spoons and seasoning container, bread basket, etc.
Q:Corning ware household name is the United States? So-called breaking is not broken? Is it true?
I bought a dinner set of corning, at that time, really don't know this brand, is the only product on the meeting's time to buy home appliance to see this set of tableware, thought in the middle of the design is pure and fresh like bought it, really expensive, as is the 12 pieces of tableware is more than 600 yuan a good ~ ~ ~ love? ~ ~ ~ but took almost a year now, feel love, want to have a chance to start with when such as moving a ~ ~ ~ my personal conclusion has the following advantages: high density is, the advantage of the high density is a good cleaning, washing out special bright, not like a normal ceramic tableware washing looks SOB; And high density does not easy to fall off, a few times w bowl from hand accidentally slid down, no matter; And for one year, bowls and plates no loss on the design, the feeling is very healthy a set of tableware! Really like it! Is price were indeed too much ~ ~ ~
Q:Dining room luxury room tables are what tableware
The use of knife and fork Oriental dining chopsticks are the main tools, while the westerners eat with forks and knives. When eating, eat dish in the middle, the knives and spoons placed on the right side of the plate, the fork on the left. Generally people write right hand, when drinking western-style food, naturally with the right hand with a knife or spoon, left hand fork, glass also with the right hand side. How to treat the "left-handed"? If we are told that one of the guests is to use the left hand holding a knife, not on the table when you place your knife and fork in the right place for him, this not only reflects our respect for him, but also shows our thoughtful and meticulous service. 1, the knife and fork is put on the table, generally not more than three pairs. More than three course meal, have to put the knife and fork placed again after use with serving new knives and forks. 2, knife and fork from the outside to the inside in order to use (that is to say in advance by using order by extroversion, in turn, put in). When eating, are generally both cooperate with each other, that is a knife a fork into pairs. Some exceptions, when you drink soup, just put a spoon in the right, with his right hand holding a spoon. Consumption of raw oysters in general and the oyster fork to eat with his right hand. 3, knives and forks have different specifications, according to different purposes determine the size of the size also have difference. When eating meat, regardless of whether or not to cut with the knife, use large knife. When eating salad, dessert or some appetizers, with a medium knife, fork or spoon generally varies with the size of a knife. When you drink soup, with a large spoon, and drink coffee and eat ice cream, with a trumpet is advisable.

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