• Highest quality for Portland cement TYPE I/II System 1
  • Highest quality for Portland cement TYPE I/II System 2
Highest quality for Portland cement TYPE I/II

Highest quality for Portland cement TYPE I/II

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500000 m.t./month

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Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general use around the world, used as a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco, and most non-specialty grout.

It is a fine powder produced by heating materials in a kiln to form what is called clinker, grinding the clinker, and adding small amounts of other materials. 

Several types of Portland cement are available with the most common being called ordinary Portland cement (OPC) which is grey in color, but a white Portland cement is also available.


CNBM Cement can be used for all types of architectural or structural concrete construction. Such application as pre-cast panels and systems, cast-in-place, masonry units, tilt-up panel systems, roofing tiles, terrazzo floors, highway median barriers, tile grout, swimming pools, stucco, culture stone,colored masonry products, cement paints and coatings, and ornamental precast concrete items.

CNBM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (short for the Company) is a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (short of CNBM Group). China National Building Material Group is a state owned enterprise under directly management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and ranked 187 in the world's top 500 in 2019. China National Building Materials Group is the world's largest comprehensive building materials industry group, the world's leading new material developer and comprehensive service provider, and has the strongest scientific research strength in the field of building materials and non-metal new materials. CNBM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a brand-new platform built by China National Building Materials Group that focuses on non-metallic materials trading.

Q:Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A:CNBM is a large-scale central governmental industrial group with its own manufacturing sector, research and development sector, trading sector and logistics sector.


Q:I have some special requirement about specifications.

A:We have a well-rounded product range, which endows us with the capability of applying many special specifications. Please feel free to contact us with yours.


Q:Do you accept OEM service?

A:Yes, we do.


Q:What is your delivery time?

A:It depends on the size/complexity of your order and our own production schedule. Usually we provide a faster delivery than the industry's average.


Q:What is the payment term?

A:TT and LC are both Okay.


Q:Can I have my own logo on the product?

A:Sure, we can apply your own logo on the products according to your drawings.

Q:I would like to close up my a/c for winter. I have the insulation and plastic but do not know how to attach it to my cement walls. Cellophane tape, duct tape, electric tape and masking tape have all proved to fail (and pretty quickly too). Any suggestions from you wonderful Yahoo people? I would be grateful.
If the cement is dry, dry brush it briskly and apply a 2 strip of double sided tape like they use for carpets. The other choice is to use that Velcro tape. It comes in a roll in a dispenser. It has tremendous holding power. A third choice would be to drill some 3/16 plastic plug holes, then drill a matching piece of 1x2. The 1x2's will hold the plastic in place when you screw the wood to the cement wall. Hope this helps.
Q:Also which of the stars has put there real barefeet into the cement.
thank you everyone for answering
Q:if its some kind of glue, is it a really strong kind of glue?
Elmer's is a brand name. Rubber cement is used in paper crafting and other applications where you want to be able to remove the glue without damage to the material
Q:I am about to move into a new office and it is all carpet...We are a creative agency and really want that cool loft feel- Anyone know the best way to remove all the carpet ( and the glue ) from the cement and then the best way to stain it to look cool? :) We don't have a huge budget and really hope to be able to do this on our own.Thanks for any help!
yes isure and want
Q:it can't be reused because of the heat exposureor also a building that has been torn down
The concrete can be used for fill to raise the level of the ground at the edge of a slope to provide more level ground.
Q:Any one know the differnt ratios of sand and cement for the different strengths of concrete eg. 25N 35N etc.?
Cement to aggregate ratios do not determine concrete strength. The water to cement ratio is what determines strength. Sand, gravel and other aggregates act as a bonding agent. Normal ratio is 7-15% cement to 14-21% water with remaining percentage as the aggregate.
Q:Say that the first line of bricks on the foundation runs parallel to a reference point, let's say a nearby road, and the next line of bricks is put on top of the first line, but this time all the bricks are pointing in a direction that is 90 degrees to the road, and then again the third line of bricks is parallel to the road again etc. Why don't you do this instead? Laying cement and making sure everything's even isn't my strong suit and I want to build a house, so can I do it without cement, just pure brick? Let's say the walls are 4-5 bricks deep.
Yes you definitely need mortar to hold the bricks in place. Do you remember the story of the three little pigs? Without mortar your house will be like the one in that story that the wolf blew down. The first strong wind that came up and all of your bricks would fall over and your whole house would fall down.
Q:placing 4 raw eggs in individual cut out egg carton, i space each egg at equal distance apart forming a rectangual shape. then i place a heavy cement block, about 30 pounds, carefully on the 4 eggs. the eggs are able to hold the block up, not breaking. how can this be possible? ned to know by this weekend. thanks
It can hold it up because the egg's shape spreads the weight out evenly throughout the shell, therefore not breaking. Also, 9 eggs can hols up a full-grown woman. Hope this helps.
Q:In addition, please help me answer the following:When a rock is mechanically weathered how does its surface area change? How does this influence chemical weathering?
Three common cements for sedimentary rocks are calcite, silica, and iron oxide. Each can be identified by calcite cement will fizz with dilute hydrochloric acid, silica is the hardest cement producing the hardest sedimentary rocks, and sedimentary rocks with an iron oxide cement has an orange or red color.
Q:strength and longevity
Is this a question or a statement?

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