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How to remove the label on the bowl dish ~!
Put the non-drying label drenched with water, then put in the refrigerator frozen for a period of time, take out your label after frozen hard, with a scraping blade fell
Glass bowl can into the microwave oven
Microwave oven used in cooking utensils matters needing attention are as follows: One, for use in a microwave cooker 1, heat resistant glass container; 2, pottery, porcelain or casserole, etc all can use; 4, heat resistant plastic containers; 5, high temperature resistant plastic wrap; 6, aluminum foil paper, by using the principle of microwave cannot penetrate, can restrict the full heating, such as fish, chicken foot end, etc. But when using, please make sure that the aluminum foil paper and furnace chamber distance of not less than 20 mm. Second, not suitable for microwave use of cooking utensils: 1, avoid using metal ware, because the charging of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other metal utensils; 2, avoid the use of closed containers; 3, avoid is ordinary plastic containers in microwave; 4, avoid in the shell eggs or cap did not open the sealing of the objects, such as milk; 5, avoid is microwave oven in the bedroom.
The microwave bowl can use what material do? What can't use the material of bowl?
What vessel suitable for microwave use Vessels should be made of nonmetal materials used in the microwave oven, absolutely not use metal utensils. Microwave oven ware should meet the following conditions: (1) good microwave transmission; (2) good heat resistance; (3) resistance to cold and hot shock performance is good; (4) under the food hygienic requirements (including sanitary requirements under the condition of high temperature). Family common nonmetal kitchen utensils, a lot can be used in the microwave oven cooking, such as ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, etc. If you to the home of nonmetallic kitchen utensils is suitable for microwave oven is not clear, can use the vessel in the microwave (be careful not to hold water, or other things), and then use "high fire" heating: 1 minute to check if the vessel itself, the temperature is not high, lighter phenomenon happens within the furnace, then the vessel itself is microwave transmission, microwave loss itself is not big, also not reflected microwave, suitable for microwave use; If the vessel itself at higher temperature or lighter occur in furnace, such as the metal on the ceramic bowl edge may appear lighter phenomenon in the microwave oven), explain the vessels of the microwave transmission sex is not good, own microwave loss is big, and containing the reflected microwave materials, thus not suitable for microwave use. (1) can use a vessel. (1) glass cooking household utensils. Including made of microcrystalline glass ware, and boron silicate glass, heat resistant materials such as ceramic glass vessels. (2) ceramic cooking household utensils. Fine clay, coarse pottery, porcelain ware, namely in ceramic bowl, dish, frying pan, etc all can use. But there are metal ACTS the role of the edge of the container, could spark or flake, do not use. (3) heat resistant plastic utensils. Every heat resistant plastic vessel can be used. But the food with much oil please switch to heat
The usefulness of the bowl
The usefulness of bowl can be summarized as follows: 1. Cook 2. When a container with other liquid or solid, such as painting and calligraphy brush cleaning) 3. The acrobatic props 4. Instrument Weapons of 5.
How to brush away the bowl of butter
Detergent, more do not believe it can't wash off.Use diesel.
How to clean the adhesive tape iron bowl with... The label has to tear.. Found viscose wash not to drop
In this paper on the bowls the non-drying label, removal methods are: 1, with hot blowing a little heat, jie in addition; 2, soak in hot water, after being soaked, also can easily remove; 3, if not too dense, slow operation, general can direct jie in addition; 4, a few drops of cooking oil, after being soaked can easily remove; 5, if have been removed, but not the stickers, can use alcohol to wipe, with the hand rub except; Commonly used several methods are also more than just about, if there are other better and more convenient way, welcome to share! This you use alcohol to clean!
A kilo of rice can boil out bowls of rice? (calculated on general bowl)
7 to 8 flat bowl bowl, generally in the dining hall dozen rice, four two rice, are three flat bowl!
Quick to bowl is what mean
Is the appearance of a girl half yield, do a man to a woman, woman is willing to, but don't want to say turgid, so deigned, you should know that girls are like that, anyway, meaning almost. Eat a bowl of looking at the pot, ha ha