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Wanna go to shop today in a set of Christmas card to send "enamel regulate ice bowl covered 5 times", appearance and quality of a material all aspects are very good, but I want to ask: enamel bowls can be used to cook and then heated in a microwave?? Thank you very much!
Never can fit into a microwave oven. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such vessels will damage the microwave oven, especially hot after heating, and not resistant to high temperature crack will happen, very dangerous. cook Hehe. Of course you can. Rest assured use oh Oh, don't put in the microwave oven. !!!!!
Installed dish paper bowl can be used in the microwave oven?
Paper bowl can be used in the microwave. 1, microwave is a kind of very high frequency of uhf radio waves, microwave heating is the launch of the electromagnetic wave through food, microwave tube to produce high speed vibration, the molecules in food intermolecular friction and heat; 2, paper bowl in the microwave oven, paper bowl won't block transmission of microwave, microwave can be directly through the paper bowl, paper bowl will not affect the microwave heating of food; 3, microwave transmission, will be affected by the metal, therefore, in the microwave, you can't use metal bowl, if you use a metal bowl, can lead to part of the microwave is reflected, and at the same time, the light at the edge of the bowl will produce point discharge, causing food rapid heating, and the reflection of electromagnetic wave and bowl edge point discharge spark will accelerate the damage of microwave tube. Above all, paper bowl can be used in the microwave, is not easy to other heat cracking of non-metallic bowl search can also use it in the microwave.
Divide it into 6 100 dumplings bowl, each bowl with 6 points please
There is no answer, all six on six addition, single digit is six results rather than zero
What dishes can be placed in the microwave, and will not explode, or break the bowl of a class?
Bowls of phnom penh also not line, plastic bowl best indicate the microwave oven that can be used to buy. Some bowls because fire problem, the quality is not very good, also had better not use, because the microwave oven has special dishes, buy time to look at.
The microwave bowl can be used?
Microwave oven dedicated container, and ceramic, it is not of metal
How does the new porcelain bowl handle lead?
Cooked in boiling water and vinegar, cook for 15 minutes. I am see on television life tips.
General plastic bowl can turn in the microwave oven?????????? Help ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Will burn out his bowl?????? So worried
You said the general plastic bowl as long as there is no general barbecue file (also called light), plastic containers will not burn. But large heat oily food, such as food with a large number of oil or fat) microwave heating time is long, plastic bowl will burn out (yellow, black, blister) But not microwave-safe plastic utensils (general plastic bowl) after microwave heating for a long time there will be a toxin. (microwave does not make plastic toxins, but high temperature when heating food, plastic container can have toxins) Suggested it is best to use the microwave ware: glass (last is toughened glass), ceramic ware, these two special vessel will not be harmful to human body or not.
"Hammer hammer hammer bowl is not broken," absurd reason is ()? () is reasonable reason?
This is the problem that the pausing. Feel ridiculous because: the hammer hammer hammer bowl is not broken (with the hammer bowl, bowl didn't break) Think that makes sense because: the hammer hammer hammer bowl is not broken (no broken bowl with the hammer, hammer) Don't understand and then ask, please take understanding!