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Does the water pump pump the coolant into the engine or pump it out?
The automobile water pump pumps the coolant into the engineThe effect of the water pump is used for cooling the engine; it is the coolant pump in the water tank into the engine of the channel, when the engine temperature is about 93-98 of the body's arrival, the thermostat engine open, cooling fluid from the thermostat back into the tank....
QDX is a submersible pump. What does "X" mean?
Q submersible pumpsD single-phase motorX downdraft
I would like to pump water from a canal which is approx. 65ft from my existing sprinkler plumbing. the height of the water level on average is approx. 6ft from the surface of the ground. I will need about 35 psi to operate the sprinkler zones. would the following pump work given the lose of pressure?... Horsepower:1.5Voltage:110V 60hz 9.5AmpPower ( max ):1100 WMax Flow :330 L/Min (87 GPM)Suct Hmax9M(30ft)Max Head:18 MInlet/Outlet Size:1.5quot;RPM:3450
it almost has to. the max amperage for anything with a 110 volt plug is about 12.5 amps. it should as long you are not pumping the water uphill. Please give me the 10 points for best answer!!
Our house is situated on very sandy soil. I suspect that my water pump may be getting clogged with sand and silt and other debris. The water flow from the sinks and showers often stops randomly in the middle of the water running only to turn on maybe 30 seconds later. This seems to happen more and more frequently now where as a year ago and beyond it never occurred. Any suggestions?
I guess you are on a well system. If that is the case then you for sure have a problem with your pump. Good luck.
How do you measure and analyse the pump characteristics and efficiency?
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I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why? Problems started when our car overheated due to neglecting to refill the coolant a while back. The coolant tank got cracks in it and we had to replace it- but now the water pump is leaking, says my husband- should we just replace the water pump or could this be a bigger problem? Why is it leaking all of a sudden now? (please no snarky rude answers , I'm looking for help not to be scolded! Yes we neglected to add more coolant-- damage is already done so don't bother making a ridiculous comment about it!)Thanks!
Why is it leaking, who knows. They do wear out, but likely the overheating made it happen sooner. Replacing the water pump should resolve it. But if you are over 80k miles and have never changed the timing belt/chain now would be a good time to do it. (Its behind the water pump)
what water pump is on a 1978 mercruiser 170hp 224cc 3.7 liter
Something in your description doesn't add up. Mercruiser did not have a motor branded as 170 hp in 1978, only 85-86. The 224s where a Mercury invention, all about the same for around 15 years. Do you you have a ser #, much more accurate identification.
So I purchased this car last week. It ran great for three days until it started leaking water so much that it caused it to over heat. My uncle checked it out for me and said it was either the seal or the water pump. Yesterday we replaced the seal and still leaking water. So we now know it is the water pump. My uncle and every mechanic I know has turned down the job saying it is too much work. I even called two small shops yesterday and got turned down saying it was too much work. It is Sunday so most mechanics are closed. Can anyone give me an estimate on how much this will cost. The problem is everyone is saying that the pump is located inside the timing belt which is hard to put back after replacing the pump. Anyone ever have this repair done before or know a price range. I am a college student and need this car running asap and only got about $500 i can put into it. It is a V6 engine.Thanks
I okorder /... any one with a Haynes manual and a lot patience can do it, so if your short on money you may just have to ask every friend and family you know if someone can do it for you. Just make sure its the water pump. It will be leaking out from the timing cover, if its leaking from anywhere else it not the water pump (assuming you have a Mitsubishi engine. if it is the Chrysler V-6 it will be leaking from the water pump itself, and takes a whole 30 mins to change, do it your self).