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Wanna go to shop today in a set of Christmas card to send "enamel regulate ice bowl covered 5 times", appearance and quality of a material all aspects are very good, but I want to ask: enamel bowls can be used to cook and then heated in a microwave?? Thank you very much!
No, never enamel products into the microwave oven Is dangerous because of enamel and metal under the action of microwave, an electrical current, damage the microwave oven is likely to result in explosion photos cannot be put in explosion directly.
A wooden bowl for the first time use disinfection? How to disinfect?
Washed blanching once line. Wooden bowl is delicate arts and crafts, and good things. According to different materials have paint on the paint or not. Practical wooden bowl had better not go up lacquer. But not to paint on water absorption, causing internal moisture is bigger, not easy to clean, easy to breed microorganisms. So the wooden bowl practicality than bowls. Wooden bowl is unfavorable in the water to boil. Blanching once line before and after use. Can dry after washed in the microwave for 1 ~ 2 minutes to heat it (will be subject to the bowl body slightly hot, through the experiment to determine the length), using microwave sterilization.
The same bowl Put a bowl of rice bowls of water? Like to eat soft point (but don't too water)
One and a half bowl of a bowl of rice water. Can the two bowls to three bowls of rice. (the same bowl)
warcraft Bloody mission optimized version of the iron bowl in where?
The second chapter is the next way Is the road to paradise valley walk out the door Beside the point on the tree on the left pile and still have some place can go in Iron bowl is hidden inside.
Who is the world's first invented bowl, how to find out
Primitive society, there are some simple POTS, then use it to cook rice boiled water, eat. But later it was found that eat with tank is not very convenient, so can do very shallow, gradually formed a bowl. But as for the invention, look I use most. But who is the world's first invention bowl is bad to say, I'm here to tell me about the history of bowl, may help you. In the late primitive society, our country although already tao appears, but tao is very rare, only used for storing valuables. Its dominance or stone, polished stone (new Stone Age, the time of life is not food grains, but results for food, how to say at that time the staple food is the mountains of the beast and the fish in the river, the first food is eaten raw, later found burnt food better eat before switching to roast, so at that time, the people are feeding, which directly bring on the fire roast food to eat, is similar to the modern barbecue, the feeding is not bowl. But in the end of the primitive society to slave society, people might have felt when feeding with Dui food is very hot, so by the way, in the ground picked out a piece of stone chips for cooked food, perhaps this is the earliest bowl shape, this is probably why bowl with "stone" for the cause of the Chinese character component, then because of the presence of the tao, accidentally hit bad put food in the pottery is better than stone, so the slave society of the early "bowl" into a pottery. Later in the slave society, people know how to enjoy, the prototype of the pottery began formally turned into a bowl, ceramics in ancient times known as "melamine", so the bowl writing "盌", xia bronze...
Why can't a microwave oven with a stainless steel bowl?
Because of metal atoms in the metal ware is not active, so cannot be controlled by microwave, and due to its characteristics to absorb microwave, let its heating, on the contrary, will also reflect microwaves, damage to the magnetron, serious a bit string of fire phenomenon will occur, so to be on the safe side, or use microwave special vessel, it is safer, warning, wise to microwave food had better eat less, eat many is not beneficial to the body.
Can use microwave oven glass bowl of hot stuff
Ok, and I think what is a good microwave special plastic with glass than with, more environmental protection, for the hot, with a cloth end is ok.
I go to yunnan tourism, in silver city of Dali prefecture of bought a silver bowl, with a few times after come back, found that there are several black, which is know for silver teacher can tell me what's going on?
Bubble is a layer of silver water, after a long time is volatile!