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Each big supermarket stores like only ceramic bowl and the plastic cover of form a complete set to sell, there is no specific matching ceramic bowl cover This is inconvenient Although the annotation of microwave oven using standard plastic bowl cover, but experts say that if heated in the microwave oven for a long time, do not advocate or with plastic cover to seal, the use of the most healthy is all ceramic ware
The lid of the microwave oven for you don't have, you can buy common glass cover, as long as you don't take the edge of metal, is suitable for use in microwave oven. The supermarket should have sold.
Fantasy westward journey with blue bowls and blue medicine which is cheap What kind of blue medicine to buy
You are your cooking blue bowl or buy others sell, buy personal feel generally uneconomic. How much water you can see the blue bowl is blue, how much does it cost; And then calculate to the system to buy so many blue and how much will it cost to go! But the blue bowl is convenient! As I buy system blue is bergamot and purple blue. The individual feels letter price than good point!
Steamed egg bowl good difficult to wash, what method can be easily cleaned?
Steamed egg before it is ok to touch a little oil in a bowl If you don't touch the oil only soak for a while and then washed first, if use iron brush also depends on what material is the bowl, porcelain, there is no problem, if it is stainless steel will delimit a a ah. Put salt into steamed custard or catch a bowl, then rub up will be washed off, simple, not letter, give it a try.
What the microwave bowl
The user should be careful in this condition.ptfe bowl and quartz glass bowl
"Bowl" stand for? Who knows?
1. I wish the future, have a good future. 2. Over! The over! It is possible that a is wish you happy happy life in the future, have and; The second is holding a bowl of rice to curse you.
The microwave bowl can be used?
As bowls can be, and microwave ovens dedicated to dissolve.
How much are the quantity of heat of a bowl of rice
Is kilocalorie!!!!!! Two you lose weight is to eat a bowl of rice about 3 2 two hemp 2 about 235 kilocalorie
Stainless steel bowl can be placed in the microwave oven inside?
Can't, stainless steel does not react with electromagnetic waves. Add hot