Gas Shielded Welding Wire 1.2mm with MSDS, CE, SGS, ISO9001

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Gas Shielded Welding Wire 1.2mm With MSDS, CE, SGS, ISO9001

 Structure of Gas Sheilded Welding Wire

1.ISO,SGS,CE approved sample, prompt delivery, global customers

3.Shield gas : CO2 

4.Material:Carbon steel

5.Package:15kgs-20kgs/spool, 100kg-250kgs/barrel

6.Application:Current range (A) 0.8mm 40-140

7.Lead time:20-30 days after receiving L/C or Pre-paid

Main Features of Gas Sheilded Welding Wire

 1. Type: CO2 wire/SG2 welding wire/ Mig wire/  Copper coated welding  wire/Solid welding wire/ Gas shielded welding wire

2. Raw material: MIld steel/ Carbon steel

3. Surface--- Copper coated
4. Application : Co2 shielded welding, welding of mild steel material,


6.Flux content: without flux


Datas Information of Sheilded Welding Wire

 Welding wire chemical compositions % :



Confirm with

Chemical composition, %


























Mechanical properties of weld metal


Tensile strength, MPa


Yield strength, MPa


Elongation ratio, %


Impact toughness, J


 FAQ of  Gas Sheilded Welding Wire

Q: How about the quality about your products?

A:We are manufacturer strictly according to national and international standard, and we take a test on every pipe before delivered out. If you want to  see our quality certifications and all kinds of testing report, please just ask us for it.   



Gas Shielded Welding Wire 1.2mm with MSDS, CE, SGS, ISO9001

Gas Shielded Welding Wire 1.2mm with MSDS, CE, SGS, ISO9001

Gas Shielded Welding Wire 1.2mm with MSDS, CE, SGS, ISO9001

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Q:Is the tire steel wire stainless steel?
But if you put it outside, it's easy to rust. Its coating is used to bind the rubber of the tire, not to prevent rust
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws?
These two screws are different. They are not better or worse. Carbon steel screws are usually stronger than stainless steel screws, but they tend to rust.
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Popularly speaking, stainless steel is not easy to rust steel, in fact, part of stainless steel, both rust resistance, but also acid resistance (corrosion resistance). Stainless steel stainless steel and corrosion resistance is on the surface of chromium rich oxide film (film) formation. The rust resistance is relative to that of corrosion resistance. The test shows that the steel in the atmosphere, water and other medium and weak acid oxidizing medium, the corrosion resistance increased with the increase of water content of chromium in steel, when the chromium content reaches a certain percentage, the steel corrosion resistance mutation from rust to rust, corrosion and corrosion resistance to never.
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Or with soft steel wire is better, steel rope is divided into steel core and hemp core, soft should be hemp core
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Q:When polyurethane insulation, why should use stainless steel wire or steel band fixed?
When the pipe is vertical or with an angle not greater than 45 degrees, the bearing ring shall be provided. The width of the bearing ring steel belt shall be 2/3 of the thickness of the insulating layer. Set one every 2 meters.
Q:Why does the 304 stainless steel wire produce magnetism when it is stretched?
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Stainless steel passivation liquid has a strong advantage:First, the passivation does not change any size and color of the workpiece, effectively protect the beautiful appearance and accuracy of the workpiece.Two, the use of low cost, liquid drugs can be reused, the realization of material rust grade by sub strong (201 change 304, 304 change 316) Enhance the added value of products and effectively reduce the cost of enterprises.Three, after passivation, corrosion resistance is strong, 201 series of materials through more than 48 hours, 304 series of materials 200~1500 hours, salt fog test.Four, simple operation, stainless steel passivation liquid performance is stable, only need to soak at room temperature.
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Steel pipe is not only used to transport fluid and powder solid, exchange heat energy, and manufacture mechanical parts and containers, but also is an economic steel. It can reduce weight and save 20 to 40% of metal by using steel pipe to make building structure, network frame, prop and mechanical support. Moreover, it can realize factory mechanization construction. Using steel pipe to manufacture road bridge can not only save steel, simplify construction, but also greatly reduce the area of coating protective layer, save investment and maintenance cost.

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