0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

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Place of Origin:

Hebei, China (Mainland)

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Model Number:





0.8 1.0 1.2mm

Melting Point:



5kg 10kg 15kg


for welding low carbon steel,light gauge sheet,structures

Flux Content:








Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:black plastic spool+layer winding welding wire+tarnish paper+plastic packing+carton 15kg:72cartons on a pallet,one 20FT container can loading 20-25tons
Delivery Detail:with15-20 days

 MS flux cored welding wrie  for boiler welding :

The series of welding wries can be used to welding low carbon steel and low alloyed steel structure, such as ships, vehicles, bridges, boilers and buildings etc.


have excellent mechanical performance such as fast melting rate, high depositing efficiency, stable arc, little spatter, beautiful seam. Suitable for all-position welding work.

Specifications of welding wire:

1) Sizes: 0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm

2) Applications: Widely used as welding carbon steel wires in shipbuilding,

Bridge building, machinery manufacturing and general welding purposes


Mechanical properties of deposited metal





























Mechanical properties of deposited metal

Yield stregth(Mpa)

Tensile strength(Mpa)


Impact value (J)






0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

0.8mm-1.2mm CO2 Mig Welding Wire sg2 Welding Wire

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Q:TP347 stainless steel pipe welding stainless steel 304 what wire?
You must use ER309 ER309Si stainless steel wire, because you are dissimilar steel welding
Q:Two how many kinds of wire welding equipment are needed? How much do you charge for a set? Thank you.
0.8, 1, good or bad, the best 3600-----6000
Q:What is the advantage of welding wire without copper plating?
Solid core welding wire copper plating initially not to rust but for lubrication, it is mainly to rust and copper wire wire increased, but Issa has no domestic copper welding wire, because the conductive, splash smaller, and because no copper dust is small
Q:Normally, the proportion between submerged arc welding wire and flux should be answered
My company uses the "Golden Bridge" submerged arc welding wire and flux, welding wire and welding flux together, can not be separated, how is it? It is normal. Submerged arc welding usually has an arc lead plate and a draw plate
Q:CO2 gas shielded welding wire consists of flux cored wire and solid wire, but whether a hydrogen wire?
No. CO2 shielded welding solid welding wire uses CO2 gas as gas phase protection, and the gas cored wire, slag phase double protection or separate slag phase protection can be used in the flux cored wire.
Q:What welding rod and welding wire are used for Iinconel600 welding?
ERNiCr-3 welding wireIt is used for welding of INCONEL 600/601/690 alloy by means of MIG, tungsten inert gas welding and submerged arc welding.The weld metal formed with ERNICR-3 welding wire has higher strength and better corrosion resistance, and has better oxidation resistance and higher creep exceptional strength at high temperature.182 electrode (ENiCrFe-3) applies to manual arc welding, INCONEL, 600601690 alloy. Use thisThe weld metal formed by the welding rod has high temperature strength and oxidation resistance, and can satisfy the severe X ray irradiationPhase inspection requirement.
Q:The difference between 201 and 304 stainless steel welding wires
The difference between 201 and 304 stainless steel welding wires:1, the amount of nickel is not the same: 201 is 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N; 304 is 1Cr18Ni92, 201 relatively large magnetic, magnetic or weak 304.201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel from the surface of the identification of the basic is not too much difference, generally not veteran, the naked eye can not see the difference between the surface. 201 stainless steel containing about 1 nickel, or even less than 1, 304 stainless steel containing nickel at least 8 or more. In addition, 201 of chromium, iron content is higher. 304 stainless steel rust resistance is better than 201 stainless steel many times. Can be tested with simple liquid, careful identification of elements can be measured.
Q:What type of welding wire is used for 5052 aluminum plate welding?
You can use the ER5356 welding wire, 5356 chemical composition: Si:0.25; Fe:0.40; Cu:0.10; Mn:0.05-0.20; Mg:4.5-5.6; Cu:0.02--0.20; Zn:0.10- 0.20; Ti:0.06--0.20: Al; margin; 5336 mg high.
Q:What is the difference between ER70-G welding wire and ER100S-G welding wire?
Ask GB ER70-G is different from AWS ER100S-G.GB T 8110-2008 gas shielded arc welding with carbon steel, low alloy steel wire, only ER69-1, ER70-G is everyone's customary name, there are many manufacturers also have this as a product brand. Simply put, these two are tensile strength greater than 690Mpa welding wire.
Q:What is the relation between Jing Lei welding wire and Beijing group welding wire?
One family. Beijing group is the name of the company, Jing Lei Shijing group company product trademarks.

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