ER70S-6 Copper Coated Welding Wire

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ER70S-6 Copper Coated Welding Wire


Material: copper coated carbon steel


Wire dia: 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.6mm

Packing: 15/20kgs/plastic spool/box, 72boxes/pallet


er70s-6 welding wire/ copper welding wire


1.Material:copper coated carbon steel


2.Wire diameter:0.8/0.9/1./1.2/1.6mm


3.Packing:15/20kgs/plastic spool/box, 72boxes/pallet.



welding wire has excellent mechanical performance such as depositing speed and high efficiency, stable arc, little splash , good welding seam, strong resistance to surface scales and oil stains on the base metal, mainly used for welding low carbon alloy steel, industries of vehicles, bridge-engineering, machine-engineering, steel structures, shipping manufacture.




 ER70S-6 Copper Coated Welding Wire

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Q:The role of silicon in stainless steel welding wire
Scaling powder
Q:Can gas shielded welding wire instead of argon arc welding wire?
Yes, of course. What do you ask? As long as the material is the same, you can use it
Q:Base metal Q235, thickness 4-30mm, welding wire H08C, T type welding, argon rich gas shielded welding. What is the energy of welding line?
1, you ask welding wire energy, this with the parent material, thickness, wire, connector protection gas has nothing to do with.2, welding line energy mainly depends on three factors, welding current, welding voltage and welding speed. What is the question?.3, give you a formula to do the math, welding coefficient (such as manual welding, gas welding, submerged arc welding (X) A XU (current) voltage (V), welding speed mm), Kj/mm.4, if you do not know according to the following formula can also be 0.8x60x (A) xU (voltage V), 1000V (mm Kj/mm, welding speed) but this is not necessarily accurate.5, welding coefficient book check, otherwise the Internet search on it.
Q:The biggest difference between gas shielded flux cored welding wire and welding is solid
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Q:TP347 stainless steel pipe welding stainless steel 304 what wire?
You must use ER309 ER309Si stainless steel wire, because you are dissimilar steel welding
Q:Why is flux cored wire submerged arc welding?
In order to have more customers' existing equipment, the price of submerged arc welding flux cored wire is low. Moreover, the welding efficiency of submerged arc welding flux cored wire is high
Q:3003 what welding wire for aluminum plate?
3003 aluminum belong to Al Mn Aluminum Alloy, if you used for welding aluminum plate was 3003, and the application in the general situation, not withstanding high temperature and high pressure or high corrosion and high stress conditions, can choose SALMn or SALMg - 3 type aluminum wire, SALMn wire is recommended. In some occasions, can also be used SALMg1, SALMg2 wire, or they can be processed at the anode after improvement of color matching, and can improve the ductility of the welds, or can improve the weld strength, type 1 is suitable for use in continuous under high temperature.If you still need welding reference parameters, please contact me again, but you can try it yourself. This will deepen the impression and improve the welding technology of aluminum plate.
Q:What is the advantage of welding wire without copper plating?
No sewage discharge, no copper smoke, small splash, small smoke (no copper smoke), molding, environmental protection, energy saving.Expand:The main purpose of copper wire welding is corrosion protection, because the main component of the wire is steel, and the bare leakage is easy to rust and corrosion in the atmosphere. The surface coating of copper can effectively prolong the shelf life. Furthermore, electrical conductivity can be enhanced.Welding wire is used as filler metal or metal wire welding material at the same time as conductive. In gas welding and gas tungsten arc welding, welding wire used as filler metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and MIG arc welding, welding wire as filler metal, and conductive electrode. The surface of the wire is not coated with anti oxidizing flux.
Q:What kinds of brands are there for gas shielded welding wire?
Tianjin bridge, bridge, Kam, Shanghai electric power, Kunshan, Beijing, the Atlantic Tiantai group and so on.
Q:Why should CO2 welding wire have Si and Mn elements?
What Si is not too obvious benefits, benefits of welding as deoxidizer, guimeng combined deoxidation is the most effective method of deoxidation, easy to form welding slag. Si can make the solution droplet transition, welding time more comfortable. Too much slag is easy to form, which is not good for impact toughness.Mn can improve the strength of weld metal in a certain range, Deoxidizer and Si when used with good, much of the downside is that the welding process explosion, crackling bad, smoke will increase, also harm to human body.
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Year Established 2005
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