MIG Welding Wire ER70S-6/DIN SG2/BS A5.18 High Quality Factory

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Product Description:

1.Welding Wire Description:

Standard:AWS: ER70S-6/DIN SG2/BS A5.18/JIS YGM12, LY ER50-6, GB/T: ER50-6

Wire diameter: 0.8 /0.9/ 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 mm 
Coil diameter: 220/270 /300mm
Weight: 1/5/15 kg
Winding: inline-layered, dense
Packing: wire on plastic reels in shrink film and a cardboard box

Surface treatment:copper( Chemical coating of copper, advanced processing technology) 

Sheilding Gas:fully CO2 ; 75%-95% Ar + rest of CO2 ; 95% Ar + rest of CO2 

Welding Process: Gas Metal Arc Welding -- GMAW / MIG Welding Process 

Used  to weld  ship  building steel ( A , B , D , E , A36 , D36 , E36 )and  equivalent mild  steel or 550 Mpa  grade  mild alloysteel ,such as  container  building,construction machine,railwayconstruction,pressure vessel for semi-auto or automatic gas shielded welding.

2.Main Features of Welding Wire

1)Size: 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm
2)Application: for welding of carbon steel and 500Mpa grade low-allow steel, such as vehicles, bridges, construction and machinery structure etc.
AWS A5.18 ER70S-6 Conform with:
GB/T 8110 ER50-6  ISO 636-A-W 42 3 W3Sil   ISO 636-B-W 49A 3 W6  
BS EN 1668-W 42 3 W3Sil        JIS Z3316 YGT50

3. Welding Wire Images

MIG Welding Wire ER70S-6/DIN SG2/BS A5.18 High Quality Factory

MIG Welding Wire ER70S-6/DIN SG2/BS A5.18 High Quality Factory

4. Welding Wire Specification 

Chemical Composition






















strength Rm (Mpa)

Yield Strength Rel (Mpa)

Elongation ratio


Fracture Energy







Q: How do you ship the Welding Wire 

A: Usually by sea.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?What is your advantage?

A: Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in Welding Wire field for 15 years.

Q: Can I have sample for test?

A: Yes, free samples are prepared for you. 

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Q:What is welding wire? How to translate welding wire?
Welding, also known as solder wire, the use of electric iron melting wire, tin solder cooling, you can complete the welding
Q:What's the recycling of the wire tray for?
Recycling, if there is no damage, then do a I frame, G force clean, like new
Q:Can gas shielded welding welding aluminum welding wire?
Gas shielded welding for welding aluminium welding wire.The method is put into a U shape wheel rotation wire, wire feeding hose for Chengtefurong, gun into the water.Gas shielded welding refers to the welding method of carbon dioxide or argon gas, without welding wire. CO2 welding efficiency is high, argon welding mainly welding aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and other materials.The use of welding torch must first check the performance and gas tightness, welding torch of the connecting parts, gas, road and control valve, etc., shall not be stained with grease.When welding torch ignition, should first open acetylene valve ignition, after opening oxygen valve to adjust the flame; turn off the fire, should first off acetylene, and then shut off oxygen. When stopping the use, it is strictly forbidden to permanently connect the welding torch, hose and gas source.The use of the torch, clean work surface paint, rust layer, and can not work on the concrete, to prevent water and cement in high temperature blasting splashing wounding.In the cutting torch ignition, the first ignition test, check the cutting nozzle is installed. When the ceasefire is committed, acetylene should be first turned off and then oxygen closed.
Q:What type of welding wire should be used for welding 304 austenitic stainless steel?
You can use 304 or 308
Q:How many meters is one kilogram of stainless steel wire 2?
Say, model, know the ingredients, calculate the density, then count the length, say what brand
Q:What gas welding flux cored wire?
I asked my le, written on the wire box.
Q:What kind of material is gas shielded welding wire?
Yes, most of it is iron. It's covered with copper. It's rustproof.I hope my answer useful to you, if satisfied, please click to adopt ~!
Q:Two how many kinds of wire welding equipment are needed? How much do you charge for a set? Thank you.
Two wire equipment needs pretreatment equipment, Mary eighth boron coated tank drawing machine, CNC precision pull straight wiredrawing machine, expansion of copper production line, winding machine can be produced; a set of 10 hours of production of 1.2 wire 3 tons of equipment prices in 550 thousand.
Q:What welding wire and electrode are used when welding 16MnD and 16Mn?
No matter what kind of electrode and wire, as long as it is 50.
Q:Why is welding wire plated copper?
The main purpose of copper wire welding is corrosion protection, because the main component of the wire is steel, and the bare leakage is easy to rust and corrosion in the atmosphere. The surface coating of copper can effectively prolong the shelf life. Furthermore, electrical conductivity can be enhanced.Welding wire is used as filler metal or metal wire welding material at the same time as conductive. In gas welding and gas tungsten arc welding, welding wire used as filler metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and MIG arc welding, welding wire as filler metal, and conductive electrode. The surface of the wire is not coated with anti oxidizing flux.

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