welding dry blended powder for produce AWS E6013 electrode

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Product Description:

 welding dry blended powder for produce AWS E6013 electrode




We could supply you all kind of welding powder with reasonable price and high quality

The product is a special mixed dry flux used for manufacture AWS E6013 welding electrodes.

The electrodes coated with this special flux will show excellent welding performances and mechanical properties.

The electrodes has the advantages of low smoke and the smaller the spatter,and the better the detachability.


Mica   %
Potassium Feldspar   %
Ferromanganese   %
Iron Powder   %
Mable   %
Titanium Pigment   %
Kaoline   %


The product instructions:

Put mixed flux into mixing machine,mixing 10 minutes , also add binding agent(20% Potassium silicate) into that.After wet mixing 10 minutes, the wet material can be used for production of electrode.

Notice:1000 kgs of dry flux could manufacture 3000 kgs of welding electrodes AWS E6013.


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


How about your welding dry blended powder

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of welding dry blended powderis a large-scale professional UAE Market welding dry blended powder factory  in China. Annually more than 10000 tons welding dry blended powder are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of wires and mesh are available according to customer’s requirements. 

How long can we receive the product after payment?

In the purchase of welding dry blended powder  within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the

 state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.

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Q:Which is better, soldering flux or rosin?
1, good rosin, flux although convenient, with a certain corrosion, damage to circuit boards and components.2, flux (flux): in the welding process can help and promote the welding process, and has a protective effect, and prevent oxidation reaction of chemical substances. Flux can be divided into solid, liquid and gas. The main auxiliary heat conduction, removing the oxide, reduce the surface tension of welding material, welding material removal is surface oil, increase the welding area, prevent oxidation and other aspects, in several aspects of the key role of the two is: "to remove oxides and" to reduce the surface tension of welding material".3, rosin, refers to pine resin as raw material, through different processing methods of non volatile natural resin. Rosin is an important chemical raw material, widely used in soap, paper making, painting, rubber and other industries.
Q:Where do I work with lead flux for chronic lead poisoning?
Do you mean long-term exposure to lead flux or do you work in a lead environment for a long time? If you mean the former, you can rest assured that there is no lead poisoning at all because there is no lead flux and no lead content, but there are other kinds of poisoning, such as industrial alcohol...... If you are referring to the latter, then the answer is yes, as I have observed in the production of tin strip workshop of the company, basically work less than five years will not be much of a problem. It is recommended that you do not work in a lead shop for more than 5 years. Lead is a metal that is easy to sublimate. It is very easy to breathe when exposed to air, especially electric ferrochrome.
Q:How about the soldering flux with the same side?
Flux can not be used good or bad, comments can only say that it is not suitable. No matter what the flux, as long as suitable for their own, is the best
Q:Production of flux (raw materials such as anhydrous ethanol, flammable substances, belonging to dangerous chemicals), whether the need for safe production license?
Large and small thousands of flux manufacturers, there are about 10% of the safety production license, to see how you operate.
Q:How to use soldering flux
Tin welding circuit is the key, is to clean the welding parts, rosin heating and melting at the welding position or the flux on welded objects, and then eat tin in iron after welding to the point above it.In general, soldering small parts with rosin, welding large parts with soldering flux. Rosin is used on the circuit board and soldering flux for single piece welding.
Q:What is flux and what is its use?
In the soldering of the circuit board, the solder is as follows: 1, reduce the point of solder. 2 increase the liquidity of the solder, the solder joints weld, and good surface gloss.The above is only the main function, and there are other functions (don't need to know)
Q:What is soldering flux? Is alcohol the main component of soldering flux?
A reagent used to aid weldingAlcohol is not ~!What is rosin?
Q:What is the uneven spray of wave soldering flux?
The sprinkler ST-6 is broken. I have it here
Q:What is the soldering flux for aluminum
Isn't there aluminum flux now? You can try that one, but the cost is quite high
Q:The solder paste has dried up. Can you add a little soldering flux?
Let the solder supplier send you some thinner

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