Steel Welding Electrode with Welding Dry Blended Powder Factory

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1.Steel Welding Electrode with Welding Dry Blended Powder Factory Description:

First Class WeldingElectrode Customization is welcome . We could produce various Welding Electrode.

according to buyers’drawing or samples/Non-standard Welding Electrode .The price, picture

and product attributes are for reference only. Specific matter can be confirmed

by a further communication. Welcome your consultation.


2.Main Features of Steel Welding Electrode with Welding Dry Blended Powder Factory

Fewer spatters 
Easy to restrike 
Less smog 
Good off slag,high deposition efficiency

3. Steel Welding Electrode with Welding Dry Blended Powder Factory Images

 Steel Welding Electrode with Welding Dry Blended Powder Factory

4Steel Welding Electrode with Welding Dry Blended Powder Factory Specification 

Chemical composition






Guarantee value







Test Item  






Guarantee value




-(normal temperature)


General result








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1.   What’s your products 

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of  Welding Electrode  is a large-scale professional  Welding Electrode  factory in China. Annually more than 10000 tons  Welding Electrode   are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of  Welding Electrode  are available according to customer’s requirements. 


2.What is advantage of our products?

All items are of Top Quality with best price. Direct wholesale price from Factory and 100%quality guaranteed .Large Selection with all sizes .


3.  How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of First Class  Welding Electrode within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.

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Q:Ratio of submerged arc welding wire and welding flux
Count on wastage and waste consumption, close to 1:1 in actual production.
Q:PcB board cleaning, no cleaning flux, after peak, how can clean?
General enterprises use washing board water, or with water-based cleaning agent cleaning, and now I have a flux (non water soluble), after welding water can be washed directly residual, the address is not issued, useful to the contact me
Q:I used to solder welding flux inside the circuit board, why it is a large
A large piece of solder is expected to point to the solder jointGeneral understanding, the activity of flux is not enough, two is the temperature setting, temperature 250 degrees as the standard, taking into account the dip, instantaneous temperature loss, it is set to 280-300 degrees.
Q:How does solder paste blanch after soldering?!
Because the flux in the solder paste melts at high temperature and volatilize. When the solder paste reaches a certain temperature, the solder paste will melt and become liquid, and the flux will break down and diffuse on the surface and periphery of the tin bath. When the temperature drops, the tin liquid solidifies into tin, and the flux does not decompose and volatilize, and remains. The residue is usually yellow or white.
Q:The refrigerator with aluminum aluminum welding flux? I wire is solid core!
General welding refrigerators are wind welding, welding flux
Q:Must soldering flux be used in soldering test?
If you use tin wire, tin wire solder test, of course, do not add, unless the pad is particularly strong oxidation, or iron and other unconventional pads. Of course, there are about 2% solid flux in the tin wire except the special onesSweet words unless you board itself precoated flux or no flux is not on the tin.SMT surface mount solder furnace, without flux itself is a mixture of spherical powder with solder paste fluxWe can see it in SINOSMT's informationThe main functions of soldering flux are:1. Remove the oxide film on the welded metal surface;2, on the surface of the welding to form a liquid protective film, isolated from high temperature air around, to prevent the metal surface reoxidation3, reduce the surface tension of solder and increase its diffusion ability;4, welding instant, can let melt solder replace, finish welding smoothly.
Q:Solid rosin can be placed inside the flux or solder it?? What's the function?
What is solid rosin? Isn't that just to protect the solder from being oxidized and to restore the solder that has been oxidized? So it's better to put it in the soldering flux. But this is not to say that it is not allowed to put in the stove inside, because the excess solder also need to protect and restore[answer added]:In practice, it is convenient to use rosin containing solder wire!
Q:Influence of flux granularity on process
In simple terms, the degree of fine particle flux flux welding the weld smooth, large particle flux welding the weld rough, sometimes seen in the weld surface pits, but the flux particles too small, welding when the exhaust air is blocked, the surface or near surface gas hole to weld, so now the use of granular flux the basic 10~40 head in this range
Q:The stainless steel ring is dipped in Rosin when soldering, and there is a yellow stain on the surface. After washing with alcohol, there will be obvious marksThis regular code can be wiped off completely. It can not be polished
No, rosin is soluble in alcohols. It should be rubbed off. Is not enough alcohol, try anhydrous alcohol.
Q:What is a soldering flux? What does the solvent include?
Flux (flux): a chemical that helps and promotes welding processes and has a protective effect and prevents oxidation reactions in welding processes. Flux can be divided into solid, liquid and gas. The main auxiliary heat conduction, removing the oxide, reduce the surface tension of welding material, welding material removal is surface oil, increase the welding area, prevent oxidation and other aspects, in several aspects of the key role of the two is: "to remove oxides and" to reduce the surface tension of welding material".Organic solvent: one or several mixtures of ketones, alcohols, esters, commonly used with ethanol, propanol and butanol, acetone and toluene; isobutyl ketone; ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and so on. As the liquid component, its main function is to dissolve the solid components of the flux, so as to form a uniform solution to facilitate the flux component welding components uniform coating amount, at the same time it can also clean the dirt and light metal surface oil.

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