Submerged Arc Welding Flux

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Product Description:


Submerged Arc Welding Flux 

1.Product No: JN-HJ107  

2.Color:Grey blue

3.Mesh:8-60 (2.5-0.3mm)

4.Package: 25Kgs per PP woven bag

5.MOQ:1 Ton


Fit: GB/T17854-1999 F308-H0Cr21Ni10 F308L-H00Cr21Ni10 F316L-H00Cr19Ni12Mo2 


1.JN-HJ107 is a kind of smelting-type non-Mn mid-Si and mid-F flux.


2.Grain Size:10-60 (2.0-0.3mm) or 8-40 (2.5-0.45mm) meshes.


3.Current:direct current.


4.Performance:anti-porosity and anti-cracking.



1.Excellent clad layers can be gained when it is used in the build-up welding in conjunction with appropriate welding wires or solder strips, such as HOCr21Ni10 (AWS ER308), HOCr20Ni10Ti(AWS ER321), HOOCr21Ni10 (AWS ER308L), HOOCr24Nb, HOCr16Mn16.


2.for build-up welding of petrochemical equipments' corrosion-proof layers, stainless clad layers and pressure vessels. 


3.In conjunction with HOCr16Mn16, it can be used in the build-up welding of the track switch of high manganese steel (Mn13) and welding of Nb-contained stainless steel, etc.


Performance of Surfacing Layers :  

It can be used in the transition-layer welding in conjunction with HOOCr26Ni12 and in the build-up welding of 50mm-thick 18MnMoNb steel plate in conjunction with HOOCr21Ni10 as the surface-layer welding band.


Chemical Compositions: 


  AL2O3 +MnO




  TiO2 +SiO2






   S  P










  ≤ 10


 ≤ 0.05



 1. Flux must be baked for 2 hours under the temperature of 250~300°c before welding.  

 2. The iron rust, oil contamination and moisture on the weldment must be removed.


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Q:What flux is used for 1% silver wire?
Can help to buy some pens or buy low solid content of flux, if after welding residual, with cleaning agent.As for what flux well, I don't have a good answer for you, if you say I'm advertising, of course it is best not to sell the market to buy the best buy accessories, big brands, such as Alfa, 1000, Kester., is this a few international brands.
Q:What's the use of soldering flux?
Flux (flux): a chemical that helps and promotes welding processes and has a protective effect and prevents oxidation reactions in welding processes. Flux can be divided into solid, liquid and gas. The main auxiliary heat conduction, removing the oxide, reduce the surface tension of welding material, welding material removal is surface oil, increase the welding area, prevent oxidation and other aspects, in several aspects of the key role of the two is: "to remove oxides and" to reduce the surface tension of welding material".Soldering flux is usually a mixture of rosin as the main component. It is an auxiliary material to ensure the smooth progress of welding process. Welding is the main process in electronics assembly process, flux is used in welding materials, the main role is to remove the solder and flux of materials to be welded on the surface of the oxide, the metal surface to achieve the necessary cleanliness. It again to prevent surface oxidation during welding, reduce the surface tension of welding material, improve the welding performance of flux. The quality directly affects the quality of the electronic products.
Q:What solvents do you use to clean rosin and flux? Can you make it yourself? It used to be the water, but now it's home. There's no water in the house
With alcohol, this is not hard to buy..Or toluene is cheap but toxic
Q:Is oxalic acid also called soldering flux?
LZ, the acid can be used as soldering flux. It has many ingredients
Q:Which is better, soldering flux or rosin?
1, good rosin, flux although convenient, with a certain corrosion, damage to circuit boards and components.2, flux (flux): in the welding process can help and promote the welding process, and has a protective effect, and prevent oxidation reaction of chemical substances. Flux can be divided into solid, liquid and gas. The main auxiliary heat conduction, removing the oxide, reduce the surface tension of welding material, welding material removal is surface oil, increase the welding area, prevent oxidation and other aspects, in several aspects of the key role of the two is: "to remove oxides and" to reduce the surface tension of welding material".3, rosin, refers to pine resin as raw material, through different processing methods of non volatile natural resin. Rosin is an important chemical raw material, widely used in soap, paper making, painting, rubber and other industries.
Q:Remove the flux residue on the heating platform
Wipe with ninety-five percent of industrial alcohol
Q:Flux and residue problems
The reasons are as follows:1, first of all, separate PCBA to analyze, will be completely tested with flux plates, do not weld the case;2, if in the absence of welding, or these circumstances, that is, the presence of flux resistance is smaller. That can be done by replacing the soldering flux or preheating the third segments of the wave soldering to 150-180 degrees to see if it can be heated to bake the halogen from the soldering flux itself;3, another case is the tin wire itself, because the tin line itself also exists to help welding flux, some manufacturers have put a halogen, it will inevitably produce leakage, itself is a halogen active agent, excessive use of conductive. The international allowed only 5 parts per thousand.4, because you are SMT patch, solder paste is also a key factor to check, to see if it will not conductive, such as you can test the resistance before the wave soldering, it is recommended to use well-known solder paste manufacturers. Such as thousand live, AF and so on. If the solder paste itself has leakage phenomenon, it must first improve from the source.Through the above points, you should be able to find the problem, I hope you will soon resolve the incident.
Q:What is sintered flux?
Sintered flux refers to third substances used to reduce the interfacial tension between the base metal and the filler metal.Sintered flux is a granular welding material. When welding, it can melt to form molten slag and gas, which can protect and metallurgical molten pool. A substance that is capable of melting to form molten slag and gases when welding and to protect and treat molten metals. Submerged arc welding flux for submerged arc welding.Extension of knowledge point:The functional part of the sintered flux can be divided into three:1. Remove the oxide of welding surface, reduce the melting point and surface tension of solder, and reach the brazing temperature as soon as possible;2. Protect the weld metal from the harmful gases in the surrounding air when it is in liquid state;3 make the liquid solder have proper flow velocity to fill the brazing seam.
Q:Why solder flux is needed for submerged arc welding?
First of all, submerged arc welding is also arc welding. Arc welding is characterized by the melting of metals. In the process of metal melting, if there is no separation from the air, there will be excess oxides in the weld, alloy elements are reduced, there are many nitrides and so on. In order to reduce the harmful effects of oxygen and nitrogen, the molten metal must be separated from the air during welding. The separation of liquid metal from air by means of gas and slag produced by flux.
Q:What brand of soldering flux is of better quality?
Good east Xintai suggest you see your solder welding what products, wire / transformer / inductor with DXT-126A flux, PCB plate with 398A solder flux, tinned copper with DXT-128A for oxidation and solder.
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